Defying the Odds – A man with creative mind: Hassan Riaz

Who thought a young boy would make his way into the fashion industry so gracefully…
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What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing Therapy | What is it and How Can It Benefit You?

While some sounds are soothing-like ocean waves or wind chimes, others are downright jarring! like…
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zainab salman new collection

Zainab Salman Highlights The Importance of Self-Awareness With Her New Formal Collection

Zainab Salman’s upcoming campaign, Ba’ztaab: ‘The Power of Self’- focuses on three pertinent components of…
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ARINE – A Brand To Fix All Your Hair And Beauty Needs

Taking care of your skin is really important and including a variety of good skincare…
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mahnoor mujtaba

Budget-Friendly Fashion Your Way With Mahnoor Mujtaba!

Mahnoor Mujtaba is a name that is now making waves in the fashion industry with…
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bina khan just b make up

Just B | Sunday Exclusive Interview With The Masterminds!

Just B-as the name suggests is the much-awaited representation of the millions of south Asian…
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Urwa Hocane

In Conversation With Multi-Talented Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane is one of the most celebrated actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She…
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A Talk With All-Too Inspiring Adeel Afzal | Pakistan Day Special

This 23rd March, Sunday had a candid yet fun talk with inspiring Adeel Afzal. Being…
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Self-Taught Chef

All You Need To Know About Murrad Gillani And His Vibrant World of Food

Murrad Gillani and his venture ‘Dezato’ have become the talk of the town in the…
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In Conversation with Melodious Zeb Bangash | Women's Day Special

In Conversation with Melodious Zeb Bangash | Women’s Day Special

In just a few years, the sensation of Pakistan’s music industry, Zeb Bangash has made…
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In Coversation With Fitness Trainer Asim Chaudhry | A Guide to Fitness and Workout Routine

In a conversation with Sunday, the CEO and fitness trainer of Equinox Fitness Studio, Asim…
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Ultimate Grooming Session At Lahore’s Hottest New Men’s Salon

It’s Time For The Ultimate Grooming Session At Lahore’s Hottest New Men’s Salon

One of the few good things that came out of a tough 2021 was the…
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