Living in a country with diverse self-expression, culture, language, art, and fashion, our Pakistani lifestyle is influenced by multiple factors. We give you a breakdown of our country’s unique skills and crafts that will improve your lifestyle. From quick DIY projects and recipes to small businesses and local products, you’ll find a compilation of the latest and best talent Pakistan puts forward. In case you’ve been meaning to change up your daily routine, start meditation, or renovate your home, you’ll find lifestyle hacks, tips, and tricks to make life easier.


What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing Therapy | What is it and How Can It Benefit You?

While some sounds are soothing-like ocean waves or wind chimes, others are downright jarring! like…
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Pakistan's Empath, Angelina Jolie Revisits The Country After 12 Years!

Pakistan’s Empath, Angelina Jolie Revisits The Country After 12 Years!

Angelina Jolie, who’s the most popular face of Hollywood is also known to be an…
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PCOS vs PCOD: Most People Don’t Know The Difference!

PCOS and PCOD are medical conditions that affect women’s ovaries. We have frequently heard about…
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Effective Ways To Make Your CV Stand-Out

Have you ever come across a perfect job opportunity and you excitedly send out your…
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Pakistan Is Drowning! | Here Is How We Can Help With Flood Relief

While Europe, China, and some other regions of the world are experiencing a severe drought,…
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Fatima Fertilizer’s ‘Khaki Desan’ Reignites Interest In Cotton

The nostalgic memories of our mothers opening rustic family trunks, taking out hand-knitted khaees and…
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Ditch Interior Designers | The Linen Company Is Here To Revamp Your Bedroom

Monotony should be a crime! Especially when it has to do with waking up at…
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men at workplace

Gender Bias | Do Men Face Discrimination Too?

Every person has a different perspective about things. Our brains are hardwired in a way…
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14th august with kids

Top 5 Interesting Activities to Revive Azadi Spirit In Kids!

Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on the 14th of August every year. The auspicious day…
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celebrate independence day

Celebrate Independence Day At These Delectable Desi Cuisine Restaurants

The love for food in Pakistan is unanimously shared amongst all citizens, as we take…
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men at high risk of cancer

Men At A Higher Risk Of Cancer Than Women! Here’s Why

Research says that men face a higher risk of cancer than women. According to the…
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movies and series of pakistan

Relive The Essence Of Partition With These Heart-Wrenching Movies & Series

While we are blessed to celebrate our 75th Independence Day this 14th of August, the…
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