Fashion Shoot

You’ll find a round-up of the hottest fashion models rocking stunning outfits from the top designers dolled up by skilled makeup and hairstylists. The Sunday fashion shoot is all about celebrating local talent and promoting the craft of the selected individuals. Our talented photographers and directors work together to curate a stream of pictures that are no less than a work of art. From in-house fashion shoots displayed on our digital cover to international campaigns, you’ll find a collection of awe-striking pictures. Enjoy the fashion shoot pictures from your favorite influencers and celebrities brought to you exclusively by us. 

5 Reasons Why Maria B.’s Newly-Introduced M Luxe Fabrics Will Bring Affordable Opulence To The Consumers!

A name that has constantly defined and revolutionized the fashion market by making Pakistani craft…
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Ali Haider couture

International Designer Ali Haider’s Debut Collection in Pakistan Already Makes Waves Across The Board

Most designers in Pakistan are quite talented yet we hardly find those rare creative visionaries…
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The Ever-Gorgeous Mawra Hocane Impresses Us With Her Jaw Dropping Looks!

The sensational, Mawra Hocane is an emblem of beauty, grace, and elegance! She never fails…
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Fashion But Make It Fusion

We love our ethnic silhouettes at Sunday Times, but sometimes it’s fun to switch up…
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