Hussan Ara Mansion: MNR talks the Inspiration Behind Bridal Collection 2024/2025

In a delightful conversation with the visionary designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, we explored the captivating world of his latest Bridal Collection for 2024/2025. Renowned for his intricate craftsmanship and luxurious designs, MNR opens up about the inspiration behind this collection which draws from the rich cultural heritage and timeless elegance.

Mohsin, your new bridal collection is a dazzling amalgamation of tradition and modernity. What inspired this exquisite interplay between the old and the new?

The inspiration for the ‘Hussan Ara Mansion’ collection came from the old colonial architecture of Karachi. These structures are rich with history and charm, and I wanted to capture that essence and blend it with the vibrant energy of the present. It’s about reimagining tradition in a way that speaks to the modern bride, offering her something elevated and timeless.

The intricate craftsmanship in your designs is truly a feast for the eyes. Could you share with us the journey of creating these intricate details, from concept to execution?

We started brainstorming this collection months ago, the bridals require that much planning in detail. We also take in account the trend forecasts, inspiration from historical costumes but also pop culture, and what our clients are saying. Every collection we also want to push ourselves and do bigger, better work, and take more risks. You will see a distinct evolution in terms of our motifs and designs  we are honing them with each collection

Your use of colour is both bold and sophisticated. How do you select the colour palette for each season’s bridal collection, and what emotions or stories do you aim to convey through these hues?

For this collection, we played around with a lush spin on classic reds, with deeper wines or jewel tones that exude a sense of opulence. We put playful hues of purple in one ensemble to bring a touch of whimsy and romance.  We understand that not every bride feels drawn to red. By introducing playful hues like marigold, we create a more diverse palette that allows every woman to find a shade that resonates with her personality and style.

Bridal fashion is steeped in cultural significance. How do you balance honoring traditional bridal attire with infusing new contemporary elements into your designs season after season?

Balancing tradition with contemporary elements is a delicate dance when you are designing for bride. For ‘Hussan Ara Mansion,’ we kept the core of traditional bridal attire but elevated it. The motifs and the embroidery is more intricate. The silhouettes, while traditional, are designed to move and flatter effortlessly, ensuring the bride feels both regal and fashionable.

The fabrics in your collection are opulent and luxurious. Could you tell us about the process of selecting and sourcing these materials, and how they contribute to the overall narrative of your collection?

We handpicked silks that drape like a dream, along with airy cotton nets and ethereal organzas. Over the past decade, we have really worked with our suppliers and created custom weaves, then we dye them in shades we want. So it is all very custom operation. It’s all about balancing that luxurious feel with total comfort – the last thing you want on your wedding day is a dress that weighs you down!

Styling and the jewellery play a pivotal role in completing a bridal ensemble. What are some of the key trends we can expect to see in this collection, and how do they complement your designs?

The shoot is based on fantasy not historical accuracy.We collaborated with Rizwan ul haq our photographer and some of the top makeup artists and stylists to create these inspirational looks that embrace a  more fluid aesthetic nothing is overly strict with pins holding everything rigidly. We have draped dupattas – one for your arms, another for your head – rather than pinning them in strict pleats. And to celebrate cultural heritage, we incorporated subtle nods to Sindh’s traditional face tattoos. It’s a beautiful way for brides to connect with their roots and showcase their unique story on their wedding day. The jewelry follows a similar theme – we drew inspiration from the 1900s and 1910s, adding a touch of historical elegance that complements the overall design.

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The modern bride is more diverse than ever before. How does your collection cater to the varied tastes and preferences of today’s brides?

The ‘Hussan Ara Mansion’ collection is designed with versatility in mind. As a brand we are designing clothes for a larger audience than ever before, not just the top 1% in Punjab. When we opened a store in Karachi, we encountered many new demands and preferences, as brides there have different tastes. Similarly, our store in London has pushed us even further. We are now catering to diverse needs, whether it be climate, local trends, or individual preferences. It’s not just about creating clothes for the 0.01% for the sake of virality. We are making clothes for brides across various socio-cultural strata. The prices need to reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the product, ensuring that each bride gets true value for what she is receiving.

Maintaining a signature aesthetic while evolving as a designer can be challenging. How do you ensure that your unique style remains consistent, yet fresh and innovative, with each new collection?

Our signature style is an exquisite dance of old and new, which remains a constant in every collection.We create clothes for special occasions, aiming to make people feel truly special. Showcasing our cultural heritage and the rich history of Pakistan is a cornerstone of our brand.However, we continuously seek new inspirations and techniques to keep things fresh while ensuring our designs are recognizable.Over the years, people have come to recognize our pieces instantly and often remark on how our work has evolved. Reflecting on our journey, we see areas where we could have done better with our first collection, and this introspection drives us to improve with each new collection. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our style remains both consistent and ever-evolving

Your brand has experienced tremendous growth. Can you share your plans for the future, including the exciting prospect of opening a store in London and expanding your global presence?

Opening a store first in Karachi and then recently in London has been a thrilling step for us. The international market is incredibly demanding and discerning, with access to brands from all over the world.To cater to the new demands of these diverse markets, we are developing different lines tailored to various tastes and preferences. We are also trying to elevate our craft at every step, ensuring that each new collection surpasses the last in terms of quality and design.

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