Physical and mental health go hand in hand, unfortunately, they’re both often neglected in our society. We’re bridging the gap in the discourse around mental health and other health issues in Pakistan. Help us break boundaries as we talk about health and fitness tips and stigmas around certain mental health conditions. If you want a comprehensive go-to guide for all things healthcare-related, you’re in the right place. Start your journey to overall well-being today! Improve your lifestyle with input from health experts that provide professional advice on dealing with physical and mental health issues. 

5 Tips To Sleep Better At Night!

Struggling To Sleep? Here Are 5 Tips To Sleep Better At Night!

We always hear someone talk about struggling to sleep. Even after tossing and turning all…
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flu vaccine

Here’s Why You Need The Flu Vaccine This Year!

The season is changing and this is the best time to get your flu shots…
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breast cancer awareness month

Pinktober: Let’s Do Breast Cancer Awareness Month Right!

Every year in October, people worldwide come out to support breast cancer patients and survivors….
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Dengue Fever | Protect Your Families With These Immunity Boosting Tips

Dengue fever — a vector-borne viral disease that can easily be prevented by avoiding mosquito…
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microplastic in dodh patti

Microplastic In Doodh Patti? Here’s What You Should Know!

We all are a fan of doodh patti and that too from a road side…
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What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing Therapy | What is it and How Can It Benefit You?

While some sounds are soothing-like ocean waves or wind chimes, others are downright jarring! like…
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PCOS vs PCOD: Most People Don’t Know The Difference!

PCOS and PCOD are medical conditions that affect women’s ovaries. We have frequently heard about…
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men at high risk of cancer

Men At A Higher Risk Of Cancer Than Women! Here’s Why

Research says that men face a higher risk of cancer than women. According to the…
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lower the risk of breast cancer

4 Items Rich In Fatty Acids That May Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

No single food item can either prevent or cause breast cancer. However, the dietary options…
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A Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends….
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Durex Invisible

Tackling the Hard Stuff With Humor

Durex Pakistan is synonymous with taking current affairs, pop culture, and trending news, then turning…
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8 Worrisome Signs To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

Mental health is more important now than ever before; it impacts every area of our…
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