Amidst the ever-changing world of makeup looks and the latest makeup trends popping up each day, it’s hard to choose what works and what doesn’t. Here you’ll find a step-by-step tour of makeup products, makeup hacks, and local options to make your life easier. Discover your inner makeup artist with our experimental and trendy makeup looks and makeup trend alerts. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest inspirations, whether it’s from your favorite celebrities, TV show characters, or models. Spark a love for all things glitter and shine with our makeup experts, who bring tips straight from the field! 

6 Fall Makeup Trends To Look Out For!

Ready or not, fall is here! As we swap out our summer wardrobe for our…
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eyelash serum

Do Lash Serums Work? Here’s All You Need To Know!

People these days are getting lash extensions frequently which is a deviation from the original…
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velvety blush

7 Velvety Blush Options To Get A Natural Plump On The Cheeks!

The market is full of blushes of one kind or the other! The choice continues…
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makeup tips for women over 50

Foolproof Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

Instead of trying to hide your fine lines and wrinkles, enhance what you’ve got. Natural-looking…
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Body Chemistry | The Science To Choosing Fragrances

One of the greatest things about fragrances is that there are so many to choose…
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bina khan just b make up

Just B | Sunday Exclusive Interview With The Masterminds!

Just B-as the name suggests is the much-awaited representation of the millions of south Asian…
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Colored Eyeliner Trends

Incorporating Colored Eyeliner In Your Everyday Beauty Looks!

The last couple of years has been characterized by bright makeup trends that have made…
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Nabila And Her Brand Is The Official Backstage Partner For IIFA 2022

Pioneering stylist NABILA along with her brands N-Gents and ZERO Makeup is announced as the…
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Top Secrets for Using Concealer!

Natural Makeup – Top Secrets for Using Concealer!

Those of you who don’t use concealer daily might think of it as a tool…
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beautiful lashes

Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About the Game-Changer

We are all familiar with the enchantment of artificial lashes; they instantly open up your…
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eyebrows shapes

Know Your Eyebrows Shape And Groom Them To Perfection With These Effortless Tips And Tricks!

Eyebrows may seem a very unimportant feature of your face. In reality, it has the…
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Right Red Lipstick for the Right Girl

How To Find That Perfect, Lifechanging Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is the ultimate makeup product for all our girls out there. It’s an…
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