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Erica Robbin, a trailblazing 25-year-old Pakistani woman, made history by debuting as Miss Universe Pakistan in the 72nd edition of the prestigious Miss Universe pageant held in El Salvador. Her remarkable journey has not only captured the attention of the international stage but has also marked a significant milestone for Pakistani women. As one of the top 20 contestants, amongst 80 participating countries Erica is a symbol of empowerment and resilience, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, however, she did not advance to the Top 10, but has left an unforgettable mark with her enchanting charisma and glamourous ensembles.


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Notably, she is the first woman from Pakistan to participate in the Miss Universe pageant, showcasing her exceptional beauty and her determination to represent her nation on a global platform. Erica’s presence in the competition reflects a new era of inclusivity and diversity, where Pakistani women are celebrated for their grace and elegance and recognized for their strength, intelligence, and ability to transcend cultural boundaries. Her journey in the Miss Universe pageant is a testament to the evolving narrative of Pakistani women in the world of beauty and beyond.

From her journey as an aspiring model to conquering the global stage at Miss Universe – Erica takes us along her journey and aspirations for the future in an exclusive interview with Sunday.

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Sunday Exclusive Interview With Erica Robin

What is your life mantra?

Navigating life with a blend of grace and purpose, my mission is to be a source of inspiration, encouraging others to embrace their unique potential and aim for the impossible. Fueled by courage and compassion, I strive to break through boundaries and shape a future overflowing with limitless possibilities.

Beauty pageants are often criticized for promoting unrealistic beauty standards, how has Miss Universe Pakistan defied this belief?

In a world that once adhered to narrow definitions of attractiveness, Miss Universe has championed diversity, embracing women from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and body types. The pageant has redefined beauty as a multifaceted concept, acknowledging the strength, intelligence, and charisma of its contestants alongside their physical appearance. By showcasing women who defy conventional norms.

Miss Universe has become a catalyst for change, inspiring a global audience to appreciate and celebrate the unique qualities that make each individual beautiful. The pageant has been a year of many firsts, breaking stereotypes, promoting inclusivity and redefining standards, by featuring two transgender women, a plus-sized woman, and also a mother!

Your advice to aspiring models?

Stay true to yourself, prioritize health, diversify your portfolio, educate yourself about the industry, stay resilient, build relationships, prioritize professionalism, be cautious of scams, and remember your worth beyond physical appearance.

How has Being Miss Universe Pakistan changed your life?

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It gave me a chance to open doors for others and for myself as well as to test my abilities and limitations to be more responsible for others through my actions and words and made me realize that stepping out of your comfort zone not just motivates you but other people around you as well and it made me realize women are no less we just have to find the power and spark within us for endless possibilities.

What is the secret to your glowing skin?

Staying hydrated with ample water and relying on natural skincare products like rosewater and aloe vera gel have proven to be my go-to essentials. The mantra is minimalism – I firmly believe that less is more when it comes to skincare. Opting for a simple routine with these natural wonders not only keeps my skin refreshed but also enhances its natural glow. It’s all about embracing the beauty of simplicity – a principle that has worked wonders for my skin.

When not slaying with your looks, what do you do on a day off?

On my day off, I’m all about the good stuff that makes me feel alive. I dive into the self-care mode with some chill meditation, throw in a bit of exercise to keep the vibes high and indulge my skin in some pampering goodness. And of course, there’s nothing like hanging out with my family and friends – that’s where the real magic happens. It’s my time to recharge, feel good, and soak up all the love and laughter. Just doing the human thing and living my best day-off life!

Amidst life’s challenges, who is your unwavering source of support and comfort?

My ultimate pillar of support has undeniably been my parents, with a special shout-out to my incredible mother. Having a strong support system, especially from family, is crucial when chasing dreams. They’ve been my rock, cheering me on through thick and thin. A solid support network isn’t just comforting; it’s the backbone that empowers us to fearlessly pursue our dreams, knowing there’s a safety net of love and encouragement beneath us, and I am blessed beyond words for the support by my loved ones.

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