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Sunday Times plays judge, jury, and executioner as we go along this fun segment, ‘Pick of the Day. Here, we’ll come face to face with a few tough decisions, where we need to scour the internet for our favorite looks and break them down for you guys. Our looks aren’t just restricted to celebrities or influencers; rather, we aim to blur the boundaries and bring hidden gems to light. You’ll learn about talented Pakistani individuals, their products, craft, and other local brands through this segment. Find like-minded personalities and products that align with your mentality, as we bring an exclusive list each week with our Pick of the Day

lost to the world book by Shahbaz Taseer

Lost To The World- A Memoir Of Faith, Family And Five Years In Terrorist Captivity By Shahbaz Taseer

‘Lost To The World’ is a remarkable true story of bravery, sorrow, and extraordinary faith….
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traditional looks of Maya Ali

7 Times Maya Ali Gave Us Traditional Princess Vibes!

Maya Ali is our absolute favorite because of her jaw-dropping acting skills and magnificent fashion…
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breast cancer awareness month

Pinktober: Let’s Do Breast Cancer Awareness Month Right!

Every year in October, people worldwide come out to support breast cancer patients and survivors….
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microplastic in dodh patti

Microplastic In Doodh Patti? Here’s What You Should Know!

We all are a fan of doodh patti and that too from a road side…
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End Of An Era | Queen Elizabeth II’s Death & The Future Of The Commonwealth

A kingdom united in grief mourned the loss of their revered Queen, as Queen Elizabeth…
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men at workplace

Gender Bias | Do Men Face Discrimination Too?

Every person has a different perspective about things. Our brains are hardwired in a way…
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It's Leo Season! Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Leo Sign

It’s Leo Season! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Leo Sign

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign (July 23 – August 22), represented by the Lion…
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self love

Love Yourself And Be The Reason Of Your Happiness!

In a society where we are told to take care of others first and always…
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poisonous plant

A Deadly Plant Causing Death With A Smile!

There is a strange poisonous plant that leaves a smile on the victim’s face after…
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Trend Alert: Anamika Khanna’s blush pink bridal

Trend Alert: Anamika Khanna’s Blush Pink Bridal for A Modern Twist!

Whenever we think of a bride, the first thing that comes to our mind is…
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Iftar Drive

Iftar Dastarkhwan | This Ramadan Be There For Those Who Need You!

As human beings, we have inherited the desire to help fellow beings. This characteristic is…
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Top maternity clothing ideas

Essential Maternity Fashion Tips From A Few Of The Chicest Pregnant Women Around

The journey to motherhood is indeed overwhelming but that also means that you have to…
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