Pick Of The Day

Sunday Times plays judge, jury, and executioner as we go along this fun segment, ‘Pick of the Day. Here, we’ll come face to face with a few tough decisions, where we need to scour the internet for our favorite looks and break them down for you guys. Our looks aren’t just restricted to celebrities or influencers; rather, we aim to blur the boundaries and bring hidden gems to light. You’ll learn about talented Pakistani individuals, their products, craft, and other local brands through this segment. Find like-minded personalities and products that align with your mentality, as we bring an exclusive list each week with our Pick of the Day

poisonous plant

A Deadly Plant Causing Death With A Smile!

There is a strange poisonous plant that leaves a smile on the victim’s face after…
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Trend Alert: Anamika Khanna’s blush pink bridal

Trend Alert: Anamika Khanna’s Blush Pink Bridal for A Modern Twist!

Whenever we think of a bride, the first thing that comes to our mind is…
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Iftar Drive

Iftar Dastarkhwan | This Ramadan Be There For Those Who Need You!

As human beings, we have inherited the desire to help fellow beings. This characteristic is…
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Top maternity clothing ideas

Essential Maternity Fashion Tips From A Few Of The Chicest Pregnant Women Around

The journey to motherhood is indeed overwhelming but that also means that you have to…
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Fashion Alert! Sanam Saeed's Look From Ishrat Made in China is Cooking Up a Storm

Fashion Alert! Sanam Saeed’s Look From Ishrat Made in China is Cooking Up a Storm

After a series of delays due to injuries, Covid, and schedule clashes, Ishrat Made in…
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Unemployment: Why Is It So Hard To Get a Job?

They say that the hardest work in the world is being out of work. In…
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Here’s How You Can Help Protect Our Elder Transgender Community From Exploitation

Every human being is born with an inherent right to life and liberty. No one…
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i hate my job and want to quit

Feel Like Quitting Your 9-5, But You Need The Money? Here Are 9 Tips to Keep You Going

It is very common to hear that one isn’t very happy at work. The practice…
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Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition 2021-22

10 Pakistani Students Qualify for International Round of Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition 2021-22

Ten Pakistani students have qualified for the final global round in the internationally renowned 12th…
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fashion face off

Fashion Face-Off | Our Favorite Lolly Wood Actresses In their Wedding Best

Everywhere we look, there’s a new and gorgeous outfit that emerges being adorned by some…
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Digital Platform Helps Curb Workplace Harassment and Enables Individuals To Learn Skills Online

With the emergence of COVID-19, the impact of school closures transformed the education landscape. The…
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Daraz and Celebshop: A battle between celebrity-endorsed vs. celebrity co-owned

Pakistanis accepted online shopping years back and if we weren’t sure, the global pandemic is…
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