Look Young, Feel Young! 13 Tweaks To Your Lifestyle To Halt The Ageing Process

age is just a number

Who likes getting old? No one! One cannot stop their age but they can do everything they can to look younger. A youthful state of mind is more important that being young physically. If you are young and youthful mentally, you will automatically feel young physically as well. Not everyone is a fitness freak but there are numerous ways one can amend their lifestyle in order to feel younger and prove that age is just a number! Here are a few tips and tricks to look young and keep yourself active throughout!


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Take care of your skin

As your body is important, your skin is no less! It requires equal care and protection in order to feel young. As far as women fitness is concerned, keeping the skin fit is also equally necessary. This is also important because as the skin sags, one automatically looks older. Therefore, it is important that the skin is kept fresh. Research states that UV rays are responsible for 90 percent of signs of ageing on the skin. In order to avoid that, one must try to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. If there is a need to go in the sun, try using a good quality sunscreen with SPF of at least 30.

Water water water

We can’t stress over how important it is to keep yourself hydrated! Drinking plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated is the key. Drinking eight glasses of water every day will result in your skin looking more hydrated and glowing. On the other hand, dehydration adds to wrinkles and aged skin. For beautiful, radiating skin, drink enough water so the skin tissues and cells are replenished.


Another key factor that plays a major role in making you look younger is women fitness! Staying fit and active is very important in keeping you healthy and maintaining your weight but it also results in one looking younger than they are. This does not mean that one must be a fitness freak but staying in touch with workout and exercises is important to stay in shape. Other than weight loss, there are several other benefits of working out. It helps to increase blood flow, and helps in moving nutrients throughout the body.


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Limit the caffeine intake

Another key factor that plays a considerable role in ruining your skin is the caffeine intake in excess. With skin being ruined, one automatically looks older and dull. Therefore, one way to move towards healthier skin and also, healthier body is by limiting the caffeine intake and focus more on keeping the body hydrated.

Make time for yourself

Although it may seem to be bookish but it is increasingly important to make time for yourself. By dedicating some time for yourself and taking care of yourself like you do for others, it will do wonders for you! Older women are usually reluctant to give time to themselves. They are always focusing on their children and neglect themselves very often. Now is the time to change your lifestyle and focus more on yourself. We are here to bring awareness about women fitness and to motivate them to be active and make themselves feel younger.

Spend time outdoors

It may seem a very little thing but it can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. Staying indoors all the time make one feel very dull and tired. One feels reluctant to do anything as they are lazy always. However, by spending time outdoor and indulging yourself in different activities, one may feel more active and also, more young.


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Eat healthy

A healthy stomach can definitely enhance the years of your life because you will be more healthy. Living a nutritious life is of utmost significance. Junk food and unhealthy snacks may feel temporarily good but viewing it from a far lens, it reduces the years of one’s life. Not only do they create several health problems but also damage one’s skin because processed food is severely harmful for the body. To stay young and healthy, one must eat healthy.

Pick up a hobby

Staying lazy all day and having nothing to do other than the routine activities, one feels dull and loses the purpose to life. In order to feel and look young, one must be happy and satisfied. Pick up a hobby that makes you happy and indulge yourself in that. This will not only keep you busy but also keep you contented. Cooking, sewing, gardening or anything that you enjoy doing. Even if it is not a hobby and you have the desire to learn something new, give it a shot! Without worrying about your age, live your life to the fullest!

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Smile all the way

We might wonder that what difference can a smile make but we underestimate the power of smile. If you want to look young, smile as much as you can. Waking up in the morning and smiling in the mirror will make your entire day. It will give you a new hope and will let you start the new day hopefully. It will not let you grow old because you will feel young. Despite the age that you jump into, as long as you feel young, no one can dare to call you old!


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Getting the right amount of sleep

Another key to maintain a youthful appearance is getting the right amount of sleep. We have altered our lifestyle in numerous ways which also includes sleeping late. Since the next day is a working day, it is mandatory to wake up early which results in lack of sleep. The right amount of sleep includes 8 hours of sleep which we usually lack in our lifestyle. Getting the adequate hours of sleep allow the cells of the body to be rejuvenated. This automatically makes you feel young as you desire to. Try to make yourself as comfortable as you can during your time to sleep such as avoid using cell phones, arrange a comfortable pillow and keep the lights minimal.

Plants rich diet

Another key to have a young appearance is to have a diet rich in plants. This means that consume fruits and vegetables in excess. There are numerous benefits for this as they keep the body hydrated, support healthy ageing and also keep the body fit and healthy from both outside as well as inside. Such a diet also strengthens your immune system which helps to ward off all the damaging agents in the environment.


Another key agent in halting the ageing process is integrating moisturiser into your lifestyle. By cleansing off all the dirt that has accumulated throughout the day, the skin feels fresh and also young. It keeps the skin soft and nourished and locks moisture in the skin. Since the skin loses moisture with age and as one ages, it requires a lot of moisture to keep it soft and prevent it from sagging. Regular moisturising enhances health and women fitness.

Relax and don’t stress

We have always heard that stress brings wrinkles to the skin and makes you look older way before your age. It is true that one looks much older than they actually are because of stress and being worried all the time. Everyone today is stressed and has numerous problems in their life but being stressed does not help. Try to relax as much as you can because if you don’t, it shows up on your face!

One thing that worries a woman is the ageing process as they believe they will not look as beautiful as they were. It is important to understand that it is a natural process that everyone has to go through. However, everything looks good at its time. Looking older before your age is stressful and should be avoided. Sunday brings you a list of tips and tricks that you can adapt in your lifestyle to feel and look younger!

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