Benefit The Boutique Gym: Taking Personal Training To Another Level

In recent years, fitness has taken on a new domain. In the modern world, taking…
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Dengue Fever | Protect Your Families With These Immunity Boosting Tips

Dengue fever — a vector-borne viral disease that can easily be prevented by avoiding mosquito…
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DIY Detox Water Drinks

DIY Detox Water Drinks To Cleanse The Body That Cannot Be Missed This Summer!

Detox water has always been hyped especially when it comes to ‘diet’ and ‘cleansing‘ the…
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In Coversation With Fitness Trainer Asim Chaudhry | A Guide to Fitness and Workout Routine

In a conversation with Sunday, the CEO and fitness trainer of Equinox Fitness Studio, Asim…
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age is just a number

Look Young, Feel Young! 13 Tweaks To Your Lifestyle To Halt The Ageing Process

Who likes getting old? No one! One cannot stop their age but they can do…
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Virtual London Marathon

Journey To Impossible – Running A Marathon In Karachi

Marathon, a running distance equivalent to 42.2 kilometers or 26.2 miles, is considered to be…
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Revamping The Face Of Fitness With Pakistan’s First Ever EMS Gym

Get Fit Pakistan brings the first EMS gym to revamp the fitness game. In a…
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