Prenatal Vitamins Can Be Confusing – Your Pregnancy Guide On What To Buy And Why

Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy is one of the most special as well as crucial stages of a woman’s life. It is so precious that one fears nothing goes wrong in the way especially the health considerations. Since there is so much going on such as morning sickness, unusual cravings, and mood swings, it is difficult to maintain good nutrition side by side. Although one may try to consume the most healthy, nutritious food still some nutrients are left. We bring you a healthy list of best prenatal vitamins for women who are pregnant or intend to be to make your pregnancy safer and healthier. Also, to clarify some of the myths that keep women stressed throughout their pregnancy!

What are prenatal vitamins?

They are supplements that a woman needs before or during her pregnancy in order to have a healthy pregnancy and fill the gaps if there are any in terms of deficiencies. These vitamin capsules are a staple of pregnancy as women need additional supplements in order to provide nutrition for the child.

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When to start taking prenatal vitamins?

One of the misconceptions that we come across is that the woman requires supplements and vitamins during pregnancy only. It is true but that doesn’t mean that women do not require it prior to pregnancy. In fact, the best time to take prenatal vitamins is before you conceive. Consuming vitamins capsules before pregnancy allows a healthy pregnancy to take place because the initial months are crucial for the women as well as the fetus. Also, such vitamins reduce the risk of birth defects because the nutrition of the child is adequate.

Is it essential to take parental vitamins prior to conceiving?

Some of the information that is not commonly given to women is that the baby’s neural tube which later emerges into the brain and spinal cord develops during the first month of the pregnancy. At this time, most of the women are unaware of the fact that they are pregnant. Therefore, it is essential to take prenatal vitamins prior to conceiving because they prepare you for this phase of life physically.

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How do I choose the best prenatal vitamin?

Since there are endless options in the market regarding the best prenatal vitamins that women should consume, it is important to do your research and find out the best vitamins capsules that suit your needs and according to the benefits these vitamins provide. We have a list of the most important prenatal vitamins that women should definitely incorporate in their diet for the numerous benefits they serve.

There are a range of brands available in prenatal vitamins capsules but the vitamins that they should entail matter. One of the most important vitamins that women need to look for is folate or folic acid as it prevents neural tube defects. These include the abnormalities of the fetal brain and spinal cord. Some of the natural foods that contain folic acid include green leafy vegetables, nuts, citrus fruits, and also beans.

The second most important is iron because it enhances the development of the placenta and the fetus. It also delivers oxygen to the baby thus preventing anemia. Other than folic acid and iron, don’t forget calcium, vitamin D, and Zinc. Calcium and Vitamin D help in the growth of a baby’s bones and teeth while Zinc is for boosting the immune system. Vitamin B12 is equally beneficial as it prevents birth defects and also allows healthy bone development. Although these are the most important vitamins that a woman must take since every pregnancy is different, the exact doses can only be given by the doctor.

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What are some of the myths about prenatal vitamins?

Just like with every other medication, there are several myths associated with prenatal vitamins as well. It is important to know them so before someone tells you this again, prove them wrong! One of the most common myths is that prenatal vitamins are only for women who have mineral deficiencies. The fact is that instead of only those women who are mineral deficient, all women are recommended to take prenatal vitamins to promote the healthy development of the baby.

Another most common myth is that all prenatal vitamins capsules are the same so you can consume any. That’s not true. Vitamins come in different forms and not all forms suit women so always consult your doctor because what may be good for one may not be the same for the other. Another myth that is not to be ignored is that if one takes the vitamins, they do not have to worry about their diet! Not at all. Vitamins serve as supplements and do not cover 100 percent of your vitamin needs. The rest has to be covered with a nutritious diet to stay healthy and fit.

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Best recommended Prenatal Vitamins

Here’s a list of recommended prenatal vitamins to fulfill your nutritional needs.

Prenatal Adult Gummies

These gummies are specially curated to fulfill the needs of the mother and the baby while providing vitamins that taste good! The different flavors that it comes in make it more desirable.

See Also

Garden of Life Prenatal vitamins

Without any synthetic fillers, these prenatal vitamins benefit women who feel nausea. They are effective in preventing nausea.

Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+

One of the important vitamins that is required by women is choline which is usually absent in most of the vitamins but this formula fulfills the choline intake of women.

Mary Ruth’s Vegan Prenatal + Prebiotic

This is particular for women who are vegetarians because they are unable to consume all types of vitamins. This includes vitamin b12, D3, iron and folate.

Nature’s bounty folic acid supplement

We can’t stress over the importance of folic acid so here’s a supplement that fulfills the gap for folic acid in women. It is not easy for women to consume folic acid directly so this is the most efficient way.

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