Sarwat Gillani And Minal Khan Open Up About Their Struggles With Postpartum Depression

Renowned Pakistani model and actress Sarwat Gillani has candidly shared her experience with postpartum depression, shedding light on a topic often shrouded in silence.

During a recent appearance on a private TV show, Gillani discussed the emotional and mental challenges she faced following the birth of her third child, a daughter. A video clip of her heartfelt revelation has since gone viral on social media.



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In a poignant segment, other actresses on the show also shared their struggles with motherhood. Gillani, a mother of three, revealed that while she did not experience postpartum depression after the births of her two sons, Rohan and Ariz, the arrival of her daughter brought a different and more painful ordeal.

“After giving birth to my daughter, I was in severe pain due to surgery and could not meet her until four days later,” Gillani recounted. The delayed meeting and the sight of her baby struggling to breastfeed plunged her into deep emotional turmoil.



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“I had thoughts of dropping her to end all the pain and trouble,” she admitted, her voice breaking.

Overwhelmed by these distressing thoughts, Gillani confided in her husband, actor and renowned plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza. “I told him I wanted to harm our daughter,” she said through tears. Understanding and supportive, Mirza recognized the signs of postpartum depression and reassured her that such thoughts were a common manifestation of the condition, emphasizing that they were temporary and not a reflection of her true feelings.

Gillani and Mirza, who tied the knot in 2014, are proud parents to their sons Rohan Mirza and Ariz Muhammad Mirza. The couple welcomed their daughter in December 2023, marking a joyous yet challenging time for the actress.

Minal Khan, who too was recently blessed with a baby and is also suffering from body shaming after gaining 40 kgs postpartum, took to her Instagram to share how body insecurity and body shaming due to weight gain after pregnancy led to an immense toll on her mental health as she urged her followers to embrace motherhood in all its glory, and taking their due time to heal both mentally and physically after pregnancy.

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Sarwat and Minal’s candid discussion sheds light on the importance of addressing postpartum depression and the need for open conversations about mental health challenges faced by new mothers.

They serve as a reminder of the millions of new mothers who are struggling and the strength it takes to seek help and heal from such difficulties.

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