A Lahori Guide To Satisfy Your Desi Food Cravings

Lahore is the cultural hub of Pakistan. The city has seen various civilizations that have shaped its traditions. Lahore is the epicenter of tourism. Lahori food is bound to leave your tastebuds spellbound. When people visit  Lahore from different regions, they want to visit cultural sites and eat desi food at restaurants that aesthetically depict our culture. The connection between Lahore and its people’s love for food is undeniable. There are endless options of eateries to satisfy all kinds of cravings.


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To satisfy your desi cravings Sunday Editors have compiled a list of the best desi eateries in Lahore. Make unlimited memories and cherish these amazing desi menus.


Haveli is our top pick as it is not only famous for its unmatched taste of food but also because of its breathtaking view of the Badshahi Mosque from the balcony and rooftop. The Haveli Khalil Khan itself represents the rich heritage of Lahore. The wooden balconies, beautiful jharokhas, and hand-carved wooden doors and windows represent the cultural heritage of Lahore. With a huge influx of visitors, the restaurant doesn’t fail to provide you with a desi experience in a cultural setting. Don’t forget to take your camera along or you’ll regret it later.


Andaaz is situated at the heart of a walled city. Their menu is like food heaven. They have a variety of desi dishes ranging from barbecue, Punjabi dishes, handi, and sweet delicacies. The building of the restaurant holds cultural significance as it was constructed a century ago. The ground floor of the building serves as a mini-museum that is dedicated to artifacts from the bygone era. It is a perfect place for visitors especially foreigners to experience the cuisines from different regions of Pakistan. It not only serves Punjabi dishes but also serves traditional dishes from Hunza, Waziristan, and Kashmir.

Cooco’s Den

Mouthwatering delicacies along with the stunning aura make Cooco’s Den a very famous eatery in Lahore. Not to mention the historic location of the restaurant, it serves high-quality desi food. Most people think of it as a restaurant only, however, it also has a museum gallery which is located on Fort Road. While going there to taste their delicious food you can also visit the museum and get mesmerized by the stunning architecture and historic artifacts.

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Dera Restaurant

Dera Restaurant is committed to providing us with multiple choices of desi traditional food. Chicken and Mutton Sajji stuffed with Balochi rice is their specialty. Their tempting Firni is served in a thooti and Peshawari Kehwa is like a cherry on top. Dera should be your go-to eatery to savor traditional Pakistani cuisine.

BarBQ Tonight

Serving the best Barbecue not just tonight but every day. BarBQ Tonight is a brand in itself. It is serving desi Pakistani dishes for a very long time. Their Pakistani dishes are sure to satisfy your barbecue cravings. The ambiance is so good which allows you to enjoy food in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Monal

When you hear about Monal Restaurant, you always dream about the beautiful Monal Restaurant on the high hills of Islamabad. But worry not as Lahore also has Monal situated on the rooftop of a high-rise building in the center of Liberty Market. The Monal is a well-known eatery for desi food. Their extensive menu with their specialty in platters offers a variety of range for desi food lovers. Their Barbecue platters are a treat for your tastebuds and very economical as well. And the best part is that you get to enjoy different varieties on one platter.


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Butt Karahi

Butt Karahi is definitely the King of Karahi. It started from Lakshmi Chowk and now has many branches all around Lahore. Butt Karahi through the years has earned its loyal patronage by serving us authentic desi food which is a perfect treat for our tastebuds. Their mutton and chicken karahi are like none other. Karahi prepared in desi ghee giving off a wonderful aroma is one of its kind. The perfect blend of spices is worth trying. Trust us when we say you are going to fall in love with their desi food.

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Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar offers a desi dining experience that is going to leave you mesmerized. Spice Bazaar is a project for a desi eatery by the group of Yum and English Tea House. Spice Bazaar is a celebration of Pakistani cuisine in a comfortable ambiance. Spice bazaar highlights the rich Pakistani culture and heritage through their diversifying flavors from across the country. Spice Bazaar is without a doubt the best desi eatery for your family evenings and weekends.


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Karak Khel

Karak Khel provides a traditional cultural blend with a serene interior and decor. Their tandoori chai and Karak Jalebi along with live qawali music is a definite treat. If you want to spend a fun evening with friends or family this is the right place for you. Karak Khel’s cultural interior will amaze you.


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Zakir Tikka

Craving for juicy and spicy barbecue? Zakir Tikka has your fix. As the name suggests it is the perfect stop for your tikka cravings. It is a casual dining restaurant with a live grill, perfect for your evening with family and friends. Enjoy the flavors of Pakistani cuisine in a lively setting. They offer a variety of ranges according to everyone’s budget. So, you need not worry about your pocket and can surely satisfy your cravings at an affordable price.


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Visit these eateries to enjoy the best desi food with picturesque views. Trust us! You won’t regret your decision.



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