Smogged Out: Why Lahore’s Weekend Lockdown Is Bad News For Restaurants And The Environment

Lahore is facing a serious smog problem that is making it hard to breathe and see. While the government is trying to fix it by shutting down restaurants and markets for four days, the demand for swift and effective policy intervention has never been more pronounced.

This might sound like a good way to reduce traffic and pollution, but it actually hurts a lot of people who depend on these businesses for their income. Restaurants are already struggling to survive after the pandemic, and losing four days of sales could be the final nail in the coffin for many of them.

Plus, there is no proof that closing restaurants and markets actually helps the air quality. The rain that is expected on Friday might do more to clean the air than anything else. But if the government thinks that their policy is working, they might keep doing it and ignore the real causes of smog.

The truth is, smog is not just caused by cars and bikes. It is also caused by big industries that emit a lot of smoke and chemicals into the air. For example, there are many steel factories along the Ring Road that pollute the air a lot. And there are also other factories in places like Gurumangat that bring in heavy trucks that add to the traffic and the smog.

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The government should focus on these sources of pollution instead of blaming the restaurant industry, which is not only important for the economy, but also for the culture and the social life of Lahore. People love to go out and eat with their friends and family, and they should not be deprived of that because of smog.

The government needs to be fair and smart when it comes to fighting smog. They need to work with everyone, including environmental experts and business owners, to find solutions that are effective and balanced. They need to show the people that they care about their health and their happiness, and that they can make good decisions in times of crisis. Lahore deserves better than smog and lockdowns. Lahore deserves clear skies and open restaurants.

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