In Coversation With Fitness Trainer Asim Chaudhry | A Guide to Fitness and Workout Routine

In a conversation with Sunday, the CEO and fitness trainer of Equinox Fitness Studio, Asim Chaudhry gave some helpful insights about how a proper workout can change your lifestyle. He is a qualified fitness instructor who provides one on one coaching sessions and personal training. He is a master at tailoring the sessions as per specific needs of clients such as weight loss, muscle gain, or achieving general health and well-being. Asim Chaudhry in a talk with us has answered some major common concerns and myths about fitness and workout.

Do you think every person should do a workout or join a gym?

I would not say that everyone should join a gym but I would definitely recommend that every individual must do some kind of physical activity daily. You can do running, cycling, swimming anything you like but if you want to do a proper workout then I would suggest that it should be done under the supervision of a fitness trainer especially if you are a beginner.

How important are angles and positions in exercise?

The purpose of joining a gym is the breakdown of muscle fiber and if the angles and posture are not right then you cannot achieve the targeted goal. Right angles are very important as wrong positions and angles can cause serious injuries as well.

What 3 core exercises women can do at home without professional training to lose weight?

Women at home can do crunches for upper abs, leg raises for lower abs, woodchoppers for external oblique, wipers for internal oblique, and planks as a core. But again I want to emphasize that all this effort would not bear fruitful results if proper diet is not followed.

Is it true that weight lifting will make women look bulky?

This is the most common myth. Every time a female starts strength training, this is the first question they ask me. They always want to know if lifting heavy weights will make them look bulky or manly. This is absolutely not true. The female hormones are the reason that women don’t get bulky and look masculine due to weight training. Weight lifting is for women as much as it is for men. It has so many advantages. Your body gets toned, it increases bone density, you can burn fat and your body muscles get strong. Females who do weight lifting are more active and perform well in everyday tasks. Cardio reduces weight not fat but with the help of cardio as well as weight lifting you can achieve both.

What are a few Cardio Vascular exercises that can be done at home?

Cardiovascular exercise is any form of exercise that uses aerobic metabolism. Cardio increases your heart rate. The most common cardiovascular exercises that can be done at home without machines are; Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Running, Brisk walking, Dancing, Hiking, Stair climbing, and Squats.

How is Cardio different from the usual workout?

While doing cardio your heart rate increases 50% than your usual heart rate which is 75-80 BPM. There are several myths about cardio that if you want to lose muscle or develop abs then cardio is not for you. This is not the case. Cardio is important for everyone either men or women.

What important changes should people make in their diet if they are working out?

You gain weight if you take on board more calories than you burn and you lose weight if you take fewer calories than you need for your body to function. Eating healthy is the key and never let your body come to starvation mode. Add adequate proteins and vitamins to your diet. Eggs are the perfect source of protein. Women should add 3-4 eggs to their daily diet if they are exercising. Add nuts, oats, vegetables, and fruits to your diet. Drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated especially in summers is very important.

Do you think that people can lose weight only with diet?

If you stay on a calorie deficit then yes, you can lose weight by following a diet plan. But if you are only working out and not making changes in your diet then you cannot lose weight.

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Is losing fat through exercise from a specific part of the body possible?

Unfortunately no, it is not possible. If you exercise for a particular body part then the muscle tissues beneath the fat will become firmer and improve the appearance of the region. However, the fat will only be reduced through proper nutrition and training. For instance; if you do 300 abs crunches a day but continue with your fatty diet then you are likely to develop strong abs but those will be hidden under a layer of fat. So, a target-specific reduction is not the way. You need to focus on your diet and work out altogether to achieve your fitness goals.

What are your thoughts about the supplements?

We get so busy in our lives that we don’t take proper diet and our need for vitamins and proteins is not fulfilled. There is no harm in taking supplements. We must try to fulfill our body requirements from our diet but if we are not taking a healthy diet then we can add supplements to our diet. Multivitamins are very important and everyone must take those vitamins in their daily routine. CAC 1000 Plus should be a part of your routine. Add whey protein to your diet if you are not taking a sufficient amount of protein through your diet.

How does Tabata Training help?

Tabata training is a type of HIIT training. If your target is the fat reduction or weight reduction then Tabata can help you burn more calories than your usual workout. It spikes your heart rate and burns quite a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time.

Which is more important to you: physical fitness or nutrition?

If you ask me that would be 100%. Both are equally important to me. Gym activates the muscles and breaks down the muscle fiber and nutrition recovers those muscles.

Can you give a hack or secret to continue the workout regimen for beginners?

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t lift weights or do a heavy workout. Everyone starts from scratch someday. Beginners can start with cardio. Don’t start high-intensity training at once. After a week you can start a proper workout according to your strength. There should be a goal and you should slowly move towards achieving that goal. If you ask me to give you all one hack then that would be ‘Black Coffee’. It works like magic. It gives you an instant kick of caffeine improving your overall strength.


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