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sheheryar munawar

Sheheryar Munawar’s Stance On Men’s Abuse

Domestic abuse is one of the most growing societal issues. In past, not much attention…
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Pikchur TV’s Production ‘Phaatak’ Dives Deep Into The Dark Aspects Of Society

The aim behind launching Pikchur TV is to attract a younger audience who lack representation…
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Mahira Khan’s Looks For Her Movie Promotions Went From Dreamy To Elegant!

Mahira Khan’s Looks For Her Movie Promotions Went From Dreamy To Elegant!

Mahira Khan stuns us completely with her jaw-dropping looks for her movie, Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad promotions!…
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amna ilyas

Amna Ilyas: The Newly Coronated Queen Of Dance

Since time and memorial, the expressive art form of dance has held an incredibly significant…
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Saba Qamar

Meera Spills The Beans About Her Work Relation With Saba Qamar

Lollywood star Meera recently appeared on an Eid show where she revealed a lot about her…
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Alia Bhatt doppelganger

Celebrity Doppelganger That Will Make You Look Twice

As social media is buzzing these days with a plethora of celebrity doppelgangers, we have…
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pakistani entertainment news

A Devastating Portrait of Hope Amid Stifling Restraint | Written by Hala Syed

Is hope a means of escape and liberation or does it ensnare you further into…
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Thriller Movies On Netflix

6 Suspenseful Thriller Movies On Netflix For Your Next Movie Night!

To decide what to do for the next night stay with your friends, a movie…
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rehbra film

Rehbra is an Artistic Mix of Talent and Music of Pakistani Entertainment Industry

It is difficult to have the best of both worlds but this is something that…
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entertainment news

Drama Dobara Has Won Our Hearts Again!

Dobara; a thought-provoking Pakistani television series produced by Momina Duraid, directed by Danish Nawaz, and…
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squid game

Squid Game Gets Green Light For A Sequel

It is official, Squid Game is coming back with season 2. The most popular South…
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is mahira khan taken?

Mahirah Khan Revealed ‘I’m Taken’ And Netizens Can’t Chill!

Mahirah Khan has always been in the spotlight. Any news about the gorgeous celebrity takes…
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