Top Pakistani Dramas To Binge-Watch This Week!

Pakistani dramas have made colossal strides over the last decade, raising the bar for quality writing, innovation, and realism and making a global mark as our dramas continue to win hearts, and trend globally!

From serving as inspirational style guides to challenging stereotypes – Here are some of the top trending dramas on our watch list!


Gracing our screens is the most coveted duo – Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan in pivotal roles. As the name suggests, the story of Mein drama is about the quest for oneself within oneself. It delves into the lives of Mubashira Jaffar and Zaid played by Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan. Both of them belong to the elite class and have massive pride in their personalities. However, both of them are unlucky in love which brings their fate together due to family pressure. Moreover, the two strong yet fragile personalities who are lost in their dignity suffer from complexities in the relationship. The drama, consisting of our favorite actors, and some stellar fashion choices is a visual treat!

Watch ‘Mein’ every Monday at 8:00 p.m. on ARY Digital!

Kabuli Pulao

Mesmerizing the audience yet again with her brilliant performance, Sabeena Farooq plays Barbeena – A young Pashtun girl who gets married to an elderly man. The series narrates a unique story between a pair who are separated by age and culture yet learn to respect and love one another. The drama features Mohammed Ehteshamuddin as Haji Mushtaq; alongside Nadia Afgan as Shamim and Abdullah Farhatullah as Baran Afghani. Representing Pakhtun culture and social values, the show narrates how decisions can impact life. The series introduces feelings of respect, love, and understanding as the characters develop and progress in their relationships, the show is a depiction of how individuals grow and learn to uphold their responsibilities. The captivating story, challenging stereotypes has us hooked!

Watch Kabuli Pulao every Tuesday at 8:00 pm on Green Entertainment!


Mahira Khan starring in a Pakistani drama is big news for the television audience, as she graces our television screens again after two years! The story being narrated is that of Saleem (Mohib Mirza) and his wife, played by Momal Sheikh.  The two are awaiting the birth of their “son,” but get a baby girl instead.  The baby girl is neglected, an attitude that’s worsened by the later birth of a baby boy.  Watching Razia grow up is painful as she quickly realizes her existence has no value within her household. The story beautifully depicts the societal ills, and gender preference that prevails, while challenging stereotypes, and stirring up important conversations!

Watch Razia every Thursday at 8.00 p.m. on Express Entertainment!

Mayi Re

ARY Digital and Big Bang Entertainment’s production, Mayi Ri presents a compelling narrative for the masses with a social commentary on child marriage, gender inequality, lack of women’s agency, and the importance of education in empowering individuals and fostering progress.  Mayi Ri is an exceptionally written drama whose story highlights the rotten fabric, and cruelty of society. Child marriage is an issue that is prevalent in our society and Mayi Ri depicts it beautifully Annie is a 15-year-old cheerful schoolgirl who is forced to get married to her underage cousin because of her uncle’s will. As the drama progresses, viewers will see the dangerous consequences of child marriages that can destroy innocent childhoods forever. The drama’s compelling storyline and the brilliant performances have us hooked!

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Watch Mayi Re Monday-Sunday on ARY Digital at 7.00 p.m.!

Jaisay Apki Marzi

“Jaise Aapki Marzi” has garnered attention not just for its engaging plot but also for its bold exploration of a subject often left unspoken – toxic love, and narcissism in marriage. The show serves as a mirror to the viewers, reflecting how relationships can turn sour when one partner becomes excessively self-absorbed, often at the expense of their spouse’s emotional well-being. The show highlights the story of a couple in love – played by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Durr-e-Fishan, who cannot live without each other, but eventually, toxicity and narcissism come into play to reveal the ugly truth and depict emotions commonly felt in our society.

“Jaise Aapki Marzi” not only captivates its audience with a gripping storyline but also serves as a mirror to real-life relationships. Narcissism in marriage is a topic that deserves attention, as it can silently erode the foundation of even the strongest unions. The drama is a must-watch for those who appreciate thought-provoking dramas that tackle complex human emotions and relationships. Mikaal Zulfiqar’s exceptional portrayal of Sherry and the show’s exploration of narcissism in marriage make it a compelling and engaging series. As the drama continues to unfold, viewers can expect more twists and turns that will keep them glued to their screens, eager to see how this story of narcissism and its consequences unfolds.

Watch Jaisay Apki Marzi every Wednesday on ARY Digital at 8:00 pm!

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