This Endometriosis Awareness Month, Busting All The Myths And Misconceptions!

Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month so this month, let’s educate ourselves more! This is a medical condition that is characterized by severe pelvic pain and fatigue. Here are a variety of myths regarding the topic that needs to be busted. In our society, there are several taboos attached to topics that do not allow us to talk about them publicly. Just like menstruation and PCOS, Endometriosis is one of them. There is a greater need to educate people about this medical condition. This not only normalizes such medical conditions but also adds greater empathy and support for the people suffering from them. Here is a list of myths that are attached to the topic which need to be busted!

Myth #1: It is normal to have such painful periods

It is assumed that all women are different. Some have extremely painful periods while some just go through them casually. However, the reality is that there is a great difference between typical period pain and the unbearable pain of endometriosis. The pain that several women suffer is not taken seriously and it is assumed that it is normal to have such painful periods and to bear such extreme pain. Therefore, it is important to understand that if any of the women suffer from extremely painful periods, an appointment must be made with the doctor immediately. This is necessary to diagnose the reason for such intensity of pain.

Myth #2: Endometriosis leads to infertility

The most common myth that we usually come across is that having endometriosis makes you infertile. This only spurs tension among the females. It is important to understand that it may get harder to get pregnant while having endometriosis but it doesn’t mean it makes you infertile. Having proper medication and care can treat the hardest of diseases. The right way is to consult the doctor for evaluating your condition and getting a proper plan curated for yourself.

Myth #3: Pregnancy can cure Endometriosis

Another common myth is that pregnancy can cure endometriosis. This means that once you conceive, the condition is over and the symptoms cannot be seen again. This is not completely true. Although it can be stated that pregnancy may ease the symptoms of Endometriosis temporarily because women do not get periods during pregnancy. So they are less likely to experience the pain. This is because the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy allow the symptoms to be eased. However, there is no guarantee that the symptoms will not return.

Myth #4: Endometriosis only affects one or two days a month

Another myth about endometriosis is that it affects only for a day or two in a month. It is not true as there are various symptoms that women face throughout the menstrual cycle. However, it is also important to understand that all women are different. Some women experience the same symptoms for a longer period of time while for others they may last for a shorter time. Other than this, some women experience mild symptoms while others experience them with greater intensity. Therefore, it is advised to get yourself properly checked by a doctor rather than consulting friends and family for remedies.

Myth #5: Endometriosis can be diagnosed by a simple test

It is a myth that it is easy to diagnose Endometriosis by only a simple exam. It is nothing to worry about but there is a need to understand that doctors may conduct ultrasound, pelvic exams, and certain tests to diagnose the medical condition. Even after all the examinations, the doctor still may not be certain about whether the individual has endometriosis or not. It is primarily because symptoms come and go and some women have no symptoms at all. This also means that the diagnosis may take several years. However, for complete certainty of whether a woman has endometriosis or not, the surgery is conducted.

Laparoscopy is a surgery that is done to view and examine the inside of the abdomen properly. It is not something to be worried about. It is a surgery in which an instrument is inserted into the abdomen. The recovery is also fast and the surgery is not painful at all.

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Myth #6: Hysterectomy is the cure for Endometriosis

One of the common myths that we often come across is that Hysterectomy is the cure for Endometriosis. It is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus from the body. Therefore, it is assumed that if the uterus is removed, the symptoms of endometriosis will also be gone. However, this is not true. The medical condition is associated with the tissue outside the uterus therefore, removing the uterus will not ease the symptoms.

Myth #7: Endometriosis is an emotional condition

It is a misconception that the symptoms of endometriosis are all in the head and they do not exist in reality! Endometriosis is a physiological disease that is characterized by hormonal imbalances. It is true that the medical condition may cause emotional distress to the women suffering from it but such emotions are a result of the condition. They are the consequences of endometriosis. It is not true to say that the condition is caused by excess emotions or distress.

Myth #8 Hormonal treatments cure Endometriosis completely

It is also frequently heard that endometriosis can be completely treated by several hormonal treatments like taking pills. However, it is not true. These treatments do not have any long-term impacts on the medical condition. They may suppress the symptoms temporarily for the time period when the drugs are being taken but after leaving the drugs, unfortunately, the symptoms are likely to return. However, it should be understood that women are likely to experience different symptoms with different intensities. Some treatments may cure the condition of several women but they may not be effective for others. Therefore, it is advised to consult your doctor for accurate treatment. In this Endometriosis awareness month, educate yourselves and bust all the myths that revolve around the topic.

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