Almirah’s Sunmet Collection Hits The Right Fashion Cords Shine This Summer In Almirah Ensemble!

Almirah’s Sunmet Collection hits the right Fashion Cords Shine this summer in Almirah ensemble!

Millions of individuals love wearing apparel according to the latest trends. Fashion has always been an accessible creative outlet, but after more than a year spent inside our own homes, the notion of dressing up changed its course to dressing down.

Fortunately, with the ease in the pandemic restrictions, specifically, travel, has again taken a positive turn with countries opening up to welcome people from all over the world, Almirah’s Summer Savoir Collections is the most exciting “Fashion Booster” this summer season. The fresh and alluring colors and patterns are just on point to rejuvenate the “fashion spirit”.

almirah summer collection

The campaign has been shot on the scenic beaches exhibiting majestic spots of the Far East which is an immediate and enticing call for a vacation. The brand has utilized high-end aesthetic studios to construct a magical and enchanted showcase of vibrant hues and intricate designs to bring back the feel and mood lost during the pandemic.

This is the first time we are seeing a change in the trend of the contemporary fashion world with which a brand has remarkably showcased its collection. It has acted as a pioneer of a trend that “eastern wear can be a holiday dress code”. Almirah has been fair and square successful in doing so by creating this season’s stunning, stylish and mesmerizing wardrobe as a go-to for your vacations.

almirah summer collection

As the title of the collection proposes, Summer Savoir is an elegant, graceful and sophisticated way of flaunting your style this summer season. The collection brings forward 3-piece and 2-piece outfits and tunics, which exemplify sophistication providing luxury, with a unique take on striking colors and patterns.

The attires are designed with finesse using sophisticated embroidery on breezy and soft lawn fabric, as well as the flowy swiss voile, classy jacquard, stylish khaddi net, and neat schiffli embroidery that is perfect for this season.

The tunics from the brand feature pulsating and fresh shades presenting lacey niceties and flowy schemes with a splash of lively splendor that will give you the flawless and impeccable look for the season.

The smart cuts are perfect work-wear without the stiffness in structure. The tunics also include pieces that are a contemporary fusion of ethnic designs and modern cuts, perfect for a graceful and charming summer look. The range of beautiful designs and colors bargains to a variety that will definitely elevate your overall aura.

Almirah’s Sunmet Collection hits the right Fashion Cords Shine this summer in Almirah ensemble!

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In addition, with Almirah’s Summer Collection’22 for Men, Haute°C, the brand has taken an amazing take on men’s fashion. Reinventing traditional and ethnic wear with a twist, redefining it in the fashion lexicon, making eastern clothing Haute (read: hot) choice for men.

We see the collection showcased on holidaying models in the bustling metro outdoors, summer-welcoming beachfront, and extremely artistic studios. The men’s apparel is presented from different viewpoints, metamorphosing the usage of customary menswear with the alluring and contemporary surroundings.

The brand has been able to break the archetype, re-contextualize, and re-position traditional menswear. The collection has essentially individualistic attires – each piece fuses utility with panache.

Almirah has set the tone for the upcoming summer season. The incredible assemblage of diverse fabrics, embroideries, and flamboyant colors has left us drooling over the collection presented by the brand. Whether it is the women’s Summer Savior collection or Men HauteoC, Almirah has rightly translated and configured the essence of summer to its core.

The vivacious and vibrant assortment of clothes showcased by the brand is a “calling” for fashion lovers to style their wardrobe with these exotic prints and shine on their holidays this summer season!

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