Ahmer Farooq | Presenting His Art Exhibition In A Much Anticipated Comeback!

Ahmer Farooq is a Lahore, Pakistan-based artist whose critically-acclaimed work explores the complex nature of developing one’s sense of self within a web of societal pressures. Farooq’s paintings evoke a range of emotions while mirroring the socio-cultural tensions felt today in Pakistan and also in the United States under the current administration.

Formally, Farooq explores the connection between language and figuration by imbuing his canvases with a script of the Urdu language; language quite literally gives form to and frames his work. Akin to the Urdu language, these relationships are rich in essence, complex in construction, and ever-changing.

Farooq’s works have previously been exhibited in Pakistan, UAE, and the UK; and are also held in private collections in Pakistan, UAE, the UK, the USA, Norway, Denmark, and India. Farooq also received the Stephen Medd “Artist of the Year” award in 1999.

The much-celebrated, coveted artist’s work is finally being exhibited in Lahore in an art exhibition, after  a hiatus of 8 years, giving all art lovers a chance to appreciate his creations in real time!  If you too, like us are obsessed with art, and creativity, we highly recommend to drop by, and be prepared to be awestruck!

Date: Saturday,  6th May 2023
Timings: 5-8pm
Location: Pakistan Art Forum Gallery  – 116 D, Ex-Park View, Phase 8, DHA, Lahore.
Google Pin Location: Pakistan Art Forum
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