7 Latest Trending Pakistani Dramas To Binge-Watch!

Be it daily soaps, or serials – Pakistani Entertainment Industry has established an unparalleled viewership across the globe! Setting the bar high, with one hit serial after another, engrossing us all with their captivating storylines and brilliant performances!

In 2022, we witnessed some Blockbuster dramas such  as Mere Humsafar, Parizaad, Dobara, and Hum Tum – 2023 seems to be an even better year with some unconventional storylines and new pairings!

Here are some of our favorite Pakistani dramas with promising storylines, that will have you hooked to the screen!

Mere Ban Jao

Mere Ban Jao airs on Hum Tv every Wednesday, and is written By Sameera Fazal & Directed By Ahmad Kamran, A Project By MD Productions & Moomal Entertainment – the drama with a powerful, and thought-provoking storyline that directs our attention towards the negative impact of manipulative relationships and, impact of social media to ruin lives.

Azfar, Kinza Hashmi, and Zahid Ahmed starrer – Mere Ban Jao is a whimsical love story, with few shades and some unique twists. The drama is based on true events, of how sending personal videos and images can render one in very disturbing circumstances.

The drama is a must-watch for parents with their children to educate them about boundaries, and limitations of social media!

Kuch Ankahi

Kuch Ankahi airs every Saturday on ARY Digital at 8.00pm. It has a big star cast in which all the actors are well-known for their talent and versatile works. Sajal Aly has made her much awaited reappearance on the TV screen with this project. It comes on-air on ARY Digital every Saturday.

Kuch Ankahi is a social comedy brought in collaboration with the Kashf foundation. The cute banters and chemistry between Bilal Abbas, and Sajal Aly are a treat to watch! It is a mixture of different genres like romantic-comedy, social-comedy, familial relationships, and a women-empowerment project. Sajal Aly is working as an estate agent which is breaking stereotypes of gender-based professions, it is so refreshing to see the confidence and love for daughters in the eyes of a father.


Sar-E-Rah airs on ARY Digital every Saturday at 9.00pm. Saba Qamar is a phenomenal actress and she has returned to our television screens to amaze the audience once again. She is known to do projects that address a specific societal issue such as Baaghi, Cheekh, etc. She has once again left the fans in Awe as she shatters the stereotypes by being a female taxi driver in the drama serial ‘Sar-E-Rah’ directed by Ahmed Bhatti.

In today’s hard times where all families are struggling financially to meet ends, this drama is going to be the weekly dose of courage for women to challenge misogyny, and become independent in a male dominated society!

With just a few episodes out, the audience can’t stop talking about the unique and refreshing storyline. The storyline revolves around the lives of four women and a transgender – played by Muneeb Butt, and the struggles they face in society. The first episode opens with the life of Rania, played by Saba Qamar. Rania’s life became hard after her father suddenly suffered from a heart attack and it impacted the expenditures of the family. Rania breaking the stereotypes, musters up the courage and decides to follow his father’s footsteps to become a taxi driver.


Tere Bin

Tere Bin airs on Geo Tv every Wednesday, and Thursday at 8.00pm. Produced by 7th Sky Entertainment, it is the highest trending Pakistani drama breaking all records, with millions of Youtube views, cresting a frenzy amngst the audience in Pakistan, and across the border!

Although the drama has uncanny resemblance with Indian soaps, in terms of the background music, and storyline, the conflicting duo of Murtasim and Meerab, and their sizzling chemistry have the audience hooked! The pair is always squabbling with each other as the battle of conflicting personalities continues. The drama touches on family politics as well as societal power dynamics circulating around the lives of influential feudal lords. Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi are doing a fantastic task in entertaining the reviewers with their run-and-chase relationship, and a brilliant performance!

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha airs on ARY Digital everyday Monday at 8.00pm. Hania Amir lured her fans with her innocent character of Hala in Mere Humsafar, and she has not stop there. She has returned to make her fans love her even more in the role of Maheer in Mujhy Pyar Hua Tha.

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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is produced by Big Bang Entertainment, and Hania Amir appears alongside Wahaj Ali and Zaviyar Nouman in a captivating love triangle that has the audience engrossed!

Wahaj Ali’s diverse acting in Tere Bin, and in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha has established his fanfare with these two blockbuster dramas! His portrayal of Saad’s emotions, coupled with Kaifi Khalil’s ‘Kahani Suno’ as the background has every unrequited lover in the feels!


Samjhota airs every day from Monday-Thursday at 9.00pm on ARY Digital.  It is a star-studded drama serial with an unconventional story of a businessman trying to gather himself and his family after his wife’s passing, depicting the difficulties one has to face when his or her better half leaves for the eternal abode. A rollercoaster of emotions, the drama is a must watch because of the cast, and brilliant performances!


Pinjra airs every Thursday at 8.00pm on ARY Digital. It is produced by Showcase Productions,with a fresh casting coup, a different theme, and an eye-opening storyline; Pinjra on ARY Digital is a blessing for us this drama season. We had very few stories this year that generated important conversations and prompted us to reflect upon life. After all, these should be amongst the goals of a drama- to make the audience think and somehow, relate it to their own lives.

Anther captivating performance by Hadiqa Kayani, and Sunita Marshall’s awaited comeback, the drama highlights the much needed issue to highlight bullying in school, importance of understanding child psychology, and having an open and communication with your children,

The story aims to challenge conventional parenting styles in the era of social media. The drama is a must-watch especially after the recent bullying cases in school that have surfaced!


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