Hania Amir | Making a Bold Fashion Statement for Palestine at the Hum Style Awards!

hania amir

Hania Amir made waves at the Hum Style Awards 2024 by using her platform to advocate for a cause close to her heart. Adorned in a striking pink suit inspired by the Keffiya design, she boldly showed solidarity with Palestine, making a profound fashion statement with a purpose.

Designed by Nomi Ansari, the suit seamlessly fused cultural symbolism with contemporary elegance, amplifying her message of support. Keeping accessories minimal, she opted for a sleek bun, subtle hoops, and classic black heels, allowing the outfit to speak volumes. By centering the attention on her attire, Hania emphasized the importance of using fashion as a medium for social awareness and change. Her commitment to blending style with substance not only captivated onlookers but also ignited conversations about global solidarity and activism on the red carpet.

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