Pick Of The Day

Sunday Times plays judge, jury, and executioner as we go along this fun segment, ‘Pick of the Day. Here, we’ll come face to face with a few tough decisions, where we need to scour the internet for our favorite looks and break them down for you guys. Our looks aren’t just restricted to celebrities or influencers; rather, we aim to blur the boundaries and bring hidden gems to light. You’ll learn about talented Pakistani individuals, their products, craft, and other local brands through this segment. Find like-minded personalities and products that align with your mentality, as we bring an exclusive list each week with our Pick of the Day

Don’t Call Me Angel

Who would’ve thought Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus would ever collab? The…
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Bobbi Brown’s New Palette

Bobbi Brown’s new Kaleidoscope inspired palette is a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful shimmering jewel…
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The New “IT Bag”

The fashion world’s new It bag is, unexpectedly, a clutch. A beautifully crafted one by…
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The New French

A trend seen on ramps this spring was a twist on the classic French manicure….
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