Anne With An E: The Hidden Netflix Gem You Need to Watch Now

If you read Anne of the Green Gables growing up, or even if you didn’t, Anne With An E is a fantastic show that not many people know about.

The story revolves around a red headed little girl in a small village in Canada, before technology and the like took over the World. The series has mystery, adventure, drama, romance, and navigates Anne’s story with such brilliance and the perfect punch of feminism that does not overpower the entire theme of the show. The chemistry between Anne and her future romantic interest is impalpable and you get to witness them growing into adults and dealing with life’s very real tragedies like loss and displacement.

If you have run out of things to watch, and are looking for a wholesome, beautifully shot show to binge on, Anne With An E is the answer.

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P.S This is safe to watch with your ammi or even the entire family!

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