Dermaplaning-Debunking The Myths

To help maintain the glow damaged by the scorching heat, one of our favorite non-invasive treatments is dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is just like shaving, it removes the fine facial hair and dead skin on the face on the face with a blade, instantly revealing smoother and softer skin. Performed regularly, dermaplaning helps refine and brighten the skin, diminish the appearance of dark spots and fine lines, and enhance product penetration. Who wouldn’t want that?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misconception swirling around the internet about dermaplaning. To help you out, Sunday Editors are going to give you some facts that will bust the common myths and misperceptions about this treatment.


Dermaplaning Is Not Painful

Dermaplaning is one of the least painful ways to remove facial hair and dead skin—especially when compared to other hair removal techniques like sugaring, threading, and waxing. Many people describe the feeling of dermaplaning as a gentle tickle or brushing sensation. Dermaplaning is not at all painful. The dermaplaning tool just gently scraps away the dead skin and fin hair with a simple movement of the tool.

DERMAFLASH – Exfoliating Facial Treatment

It Will Not Cause Thick Hair Growth

Let’s get over this misconception once and for all. No matter where it grows on your body, shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker or darker so the same is the case with dermaplaning. Many people think that shaving your legs or underarms causes thicker hair growth. This is not true. Shaving simply creates a blunt tip on the hairs, which many people interpret as greater thickness. When you dermaplane, you are removing very, very fine hair called vellus hair. This hair is so thin and soft that removing it with a dermaplaning tool will have little to no impact on how it looks when it grows back. After removing the vellus hair, your skin will instantly feel and look smoother and brighter.

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Dermaplaning Will Cause Breakouts

Like most of the exfoliation techniques, dermaplaning prevents breakouts rather than causing them. However, dermaplaning can not be done on the skin with active acne but on normal skin, it will prevent clogged pores and pimples. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, dermaplaning prevents these cells from getting trapped inside your pores. This means less dead skin and fewer breakouts.

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It Can Be Done At Home

Dermaplaning at home is similar to the treatment you get at salons. Purchasing a simple tinkle dermaplaning razor from Daraz or any cosmetic store will give you the same results as the salon. This treatment if done at home before you get ready for a party or a wedding will help your makeup look smooth and will brighten up your skin.

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