5 Things To Unlearn From Skincare TikTok videos | Unsafe Advice to Look Out For!

5 Things To Unlearn From Skincare TikTok videos

There are all kinds of advice on the social mind. Some influencers and celebrities give us great advice regarding makeup, skincare, and lifestyle. While some end up giving bad advice without experiencing it. It is important that an individual must filter out the good and bad advice and chooses which one to follow! Skincare TikToks are our absolute favorite as they are extremely satisfying to watch. They give us all the tips and tricks to maintain a healthy skin however, there are some viral TikTok hacks making rounds on the internet that must be avoided. These hacks may be more damaging for you than bringing any advantage so be careful! Here are a few viral skincare TikTok t


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rends that you should look out for!

Abrasive Cleaning Brushes

One of the most common trends that we have spotted in viral skincare TikToks is exfoliation with abrasive cleaning brushes. There are two ways of exfoliation. One is the chemical exfoliation while the other is the physical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation is the use of acids or enzymes to loosen the cells while physical exfoliation uses products with a textured surface so that the dead skin and debris can be scrubbed away. It is usually recommended that those who have sensitive skin must use physical exfoliation because using acids and enzymes for chemical exfoliation may be harmful to the skin. However, it is a trend on TikTok to use battery-powered cleaning brushes. No matter how much they are advocated by the TikTok stars, it should be noted that there is nothing such as too much exfoliation.

Such products can be too rough on the skin and can damage the skin barrier therefore, one must be very careful with them. Moreover, considering the delicacy of skin and the risk attached to these products, it is beneficial to avoid using such products.

Acne solution within minutes

There are a lot of viral skincare TikToks that claim to provide you a solution to acne which will allow you to get rid of acne within minutes. It must be noted that there is no such thing as an immediate solution whether it is for acne or any other skin problem. Everything takes time to heal and for an organ like skin, proper time must be given to it. However, these skincare TikTok trends claim to let you get rid of an ugly pimple within minutes. The solutions that are usually provided include covering acne with baking soda, crushing aspirin, and then applying it over the pimple or using a band-aid on the breakout part. There are many hacks similar to this that are advocated by these TikTok stars. No matter how good these solutions sound but it is completely impossible to get rid of acne within minutes.

For women with acne-prone skin, it is beneficial to give your skin time to heal rather than applying such solutions which will end up doing more harm to the face. These immediate solutions are short-term and can create permanent marks later.


Stripping the skin

Skincare TikTok videos make us familiar with a lot of skincare and makeup products that are usually beneficial for us. The ingredients to be used in the skincare routine are carefully chosen according to the skin type so that they do not damage the skin. However, there are a lot of products in these videos which contain excessive alcohol and fragrance that prove to be so hard for your skin that they strip it off. Even if the ingredients are non-toxic, they react differently to different skin types. If the products that you choose such as cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers contain stripping ingredients such as sulfates, alcohol, artificial dyes, or benzoyl peroxide, they do more harm than improve your skin.

To prioritize the health of your skin, all the products must be checked for their ingredients. These products may be advocated in these viral TikTok videos and they may yield better results but they are temporary and can do a lot more harm in the long term.

Using extraction tools and pore vacuum

Skincare TikTok videos have also been showing the use of a lot of tools that look a lot painful to use. Extraction tools and pore vacuums are shown which are used on the skin in order to unclog the pores. Although they may show that they are doing a lot on the skin to improve its health but in reality, the intensity of damage is very high. These tools can damage the skin excessively, break the capillaries and even cause bleeding. Such tools should only be used by expert technicians and professionals rather than anyone in the setting of their homes. There is a great possibility that these tools leave marks on the skin which do not leave easily.

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Harmful DIY Skincare hacks

We all look out for DIY skincare hacks which are easily done at home without the use of many products and are also budget-friendly. These skincare hacks use products that are already available at the house so they do not involve much effort. Moreover, these are natural ways to improve the health of the skin. However, there are certain hacks being shown on viral skincare TikToks which advocate dangerous mixtures that can do a lot of harm to the skin. One of the common DIY face masks shown in these videos is the citrus mask including lemon juice. No doubt, Vitamin C is very important for the health as it brightens the skin but it is also important to note that raw lemon juice should not be applied directly to the skin. It disrupts the natural pH of the skin, exposing it to sunlight.

Similarly, another skincare hack shown in these viral TikTok videos is using coffee as an exfoliator. Coffee scrub is an effective exfoliator but facial skin is much more sensitive than other parts of the body. Using a coffee scrub on the hands or legs will not do much damage but using it on the face could be much more harsh. It can result in micro-tears and damage the skin barrier as well. Other than this, a lot of products are recommended by these TikTok stars that contain preservatives that must be avoided.


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