This DIY Hair Mask Will Give You Luscious Locks!

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The change in weather, pollution, tension, and unbearable sunlight can cause damage to your hair making them weak and dull. Although there are a number of products at the stores, however, natural products work best. A good hair mask with natural ingredients is all you need to make your hair strong, long, and shiny.

Why should you opt for a homemade mask?

A hair mask with natural homemade ingredients works like a deep hair conditioner that helps to thicken your hair and make it smooth and shiny. Moreover, natural homemade masks aid in bringing sparkle to your hair that has been lost by using artificial products. It not only stops hair fall but also treats dryness, dandruff, and itching. This DIY hair mask is very easy to prepare and solves all your hair problems.

DIY Mask

This amazing DIY hair mask is made with a combination of curd and honey. We must know that organic honey is best for your hair as honey contains all types of vitamins, minerals as well as proteins. It repairs if damaged and perfectly moisturizes your hair making it glow like never before. On the other hand, curd is a growth stimulator which strengthens hair follicles. Also, it gives moisture to the hair which results in looking more glossy. It works as a natural conditioner giving perfect results for your hair. Both honey and curd are full of enzymes and help kill bacteria from your scalp.

They also encourage the growth of melanin which is a magical pigment that not only adds color to your hair but also gives it the strength it needs.


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Coming on to the ingredients, take a cup of curd and mix two teaspoons of honey in it. Mix them well until lumps of curd appear. This mask will have a yellow-golden color.

If you add a pinch of saffron to the mixture, it may speed up the process. So while applying it evenly all over your hair, you may experience some droppings too because of its semi-solid nature, therefore it is best to use a shower cap to cover your hair. Keep the mask for at least 15-20 minutes and rinse it with a mild shampoo.

This DIY mask works best for your hair making it appear glossy and reducing any inflammation on the scalp. This shall also help boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. This hair mask is a must-try!

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