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Skincare is a never-ending world full of different products, tips, and tricks to keep you and your fascination on board. While there are so many products and steps to follow a proper skincare routine, some people still like to go easy and look for more convenient ways that help them save time and energy. Toner pads are pre-soaked wipes that are full of different ingredients such as exfoliating acids and hydrating ingredients essential for skincare.

Benefits of Toner Pads

1. Easy to use: Earlier people used to transfer the toner onto pads and then apply it on their face, but now, this combination of the two has made it much more easier and mess-free to opt for.

2. Exfoliating Properties: Toner pads including hyaluronic and salicylic acid have mild exfoliating formulae that help eliminate the dead skin cells and provide deep cleansing getting rid of all the dirt and chemicals if left on the skin, which makes the skin fresh. This is very beneficial and appropriate for people who have delicate skin and can’t apply too many products on their skin as the AHAs and BHAs present in the pads help the skin a lot.

3. Encourages Hydration: Toner pads obtain hydrating chemicals that help the skin to improve its natural moisture and provides protection from skin reactions and acne breakouts, This further helps the skin become more soft and glowy.

4. Skin’s pH balance: The ingredients of toner pads help to manage the skin’s pH levels better as it helps to reduce the negative outcomes of the chemicals used and dirt on the face, due to which the serums and moisturizers get more properly absorbed in the skin preventing dryness, irritation, skin redness, etc.

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Why to use & Famous Picks

The toner pads should be left on the skin for about 5 to 10 minutes to allow the ingredients to settle with the skin and work to get good results. Using toner pads helps one to get rid of the hassle of carrying the toner and cotton pads separately. Along with that, these pads are very handy and can be easily kept while traveling as it does not utilize much space ensuring skincare more conveniently.

Among the options, the Anua Heartleaf clear pad and Numbuzin No.5 concentrated toner pad are good picks.

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