slugging skincare

Slugging | All You Need To Know About The Viral Skincare Trend!

It’s rare for TikTok beauty trends to hold merit with dermatologists and aestheticians. Whether they’re…
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TikTok Account To Follow | Abdul Rehman-‘CEO OF TOWEL DUPPATA’

TikTok continues its reign as one of the most popular social media apps, TikTok seemed…
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5 Things To Unlearn From Skincare TikTok videos

5 Things To Unlearn From Skincare TikTok videos | Unsafe Advice to Look Out For!

There are all kinds of advice on the social mind. Some influencers and celebrities give…
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Skincare TikTok | 7 Miraculous Skincare Hacks To Immediately Imitate

Skincare TikToks definitely take us to a whole new level with their aesthetics. Apart from…
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List of 7 Best TikTok Accounts You Need To Follow For Good Humor

One of the most popular quarantine activities is watching and making TikTok videos. The app…
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