Feel Like Quitting Your 9-5, But You Need The Money? Here Are 9 Tips to Keep You Going

i hate my job and want to quit

It is very common to hear that one isn’t very happy at work. The practice has become increasingly common due to several reasons such as poor salaries, tight schedules, or an unhappy work environment. These reasons existed long ago but with the addition of Covid 19 Pandemic, situations became worst! With a job that you hate so much, here are a few tips to make it more bearable and keep going.

Although it is said ‘Do what you love‘ but in the practical world, it is not always possible! There are several challenges at work but sometimes, one has to let them go for certain gains. A job that is making you suffer so much, several tips may help you get through it!

tips for keep going on the work

Identifying the ‘why’

First of all, it is important to understand the reason that makes you unhappy. Identifying the ‘why’ is the key because that will help you to find an adequate solution. Whether it is due to financial reasons such as poor compensation or it is the workload that is disturbing. Some of the other reasons can be working in a department that you are not comfortable in or the behavior of your colleagues. It is necessary that the correct reason is identified so that one can make an effort to change it.

how to deal with Work Anxiety

Reward Yourself

One way to stay happy and keep going despite the challenging work is to reward yourself frequently. We have all heard of treating oneself on payday and yes, that is an amazing way to reward yourself. Buying something that you have your eyes on for a long would be the greatest reward that you could give yourself. Also, it does not necessarily have to be a big reward because small surprises would also be enough to make your day! After a tough week at work, a dinner with friends or family on the weekend can be a perfect getaway from the tight schedule and to let go of all the negative energy you have been holding in for the whole week!

Taking mini-breaks through the day

Another effective way is to take mini-breaks through the day which will help you refresh your mind and get back on track. They also help you get less frustrated because constantly working for longer periods can make you exhausted which reduces the quality of work and also the motivation to work. Setting boundaries for yourself helps greatly as it helps you stay on track.

take break from work

Building healthy connections at work

Building healthy connections at work with colleagues can be of great help as it can ultimately uplift your mood throughout the day. People can not only provide you support during the workday but can serve as a great break as well that diverts your attention from work and help you relax for some time. However, it is important that the connections you develop at work are definitely healthy. Toxic friends or connections will not help you a bit but will even make your day worst.

Building healthy connections at work

Take time to adjust

Such a feeling is common at a new job because a new job offers new responsibilities, new friends and new bosses which may be very different from your last job. It may give you the idea that you are not made for this place so you should quit but before this decision is made, give yourself time to adjust. In order to adjust to a new place, time is required to make new friends, understand the new job and the responsibilities that come along with that job. Once you are easily adjusted to the job and are well aware of the job and its responsibilities, the decision to stay or quit should be taken after that.

Improve your well-being outside work

There are two lives of a working person. One life is the one that involves the work environment and all those who are associated with that while the other life is the personal one which consists of the personal connections of the person. It is important to separate work and personal life so that once you are out of the office, you are completely free to do what you like and enjoy your life outside work. One way to prevent yourself from toxicity is to improve your well-being outside work by managing your connections with friends and family. Pursue your hobbies to make the most of your day after work. With work from home, this has become a great concern because people are working 24/7 with no difference between personal and work life.

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Improve your well-being outside work

Talk to your boss

If the unhappiness at work is because of a tight schedule or a department that you are not comfortable working with, it is important that you convey this to your boss. Your boss must know what is bothering you so that if there are any arrangements that they can make, they should for you. If a particular department at work is troublesome, it can always be requested to shift to the other so that the quality of work is not compromised.

Decrease financial liabilities

Although it may be easier to say rather than act upon this, it is one of the major issues that can lead to unhappiness is debt that has to be paid and does not allow you to quit your job. By cutting down expenses, one is able to save greater amounts of money. Therefore, the saving will help to pay off debt so that the financial liabilities can be reduced and the decision to keep the job or quit can then be made later.

financial liabilities

Clarify your career

While you are unhappy at work, it is necessary for you to decide what career do you wish to pursue and what is your final career goal. If the job that you are currently doing does not contribute to the final career path then quitting it would not be a great loss to you but if the job that you currently are doing is the final plan then you must find a way to adjust because that is the path that you aim to pursue.

Surviving work can be tough and the decision of keeping the job or quitting it can be equally challenging as one has to carry out a cost and benefit analysis of all the factors involved. Here are a few tips to survive at work and keep going!

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