Gender Bias | Do Men Face Discrimination Too?

men at workplace

Every person has a different perspective about things. Our brains are hardwired in a way to categorize things we encounter to make sense of the complicated world around us. Half glass full might be half glass empty for the other person. We view things differently, however, biases and preferences can cause us to form prejudices against others resulting in inequalities.

Normally we talk about how women get fewer opportunities in the practical world because of their gender. People see them as weak, fragile, and unable to perform certain tasks which are somehow right. Women face a kind of discrimination when they step their foot outside, in the real world. In this fast-paced world, women are being pushed back because employers think that they won’t be able to perform their duties along with their household chores. However, we seldom talk about how men face this kind of discrimination.

gender bias

A boy studying in college or school is not given as much importance by his teachers as his fellow female student might be receiving. Women are considered more sensible and smart in schools and thus are given more importance and attention than men. Similar is the case at workplaces, sometimes men face discrimination based on their gender, and women colleagues are given a little more importance than their men colleagues. It doesn’t happen at every office but sometimes men are not appreciated enough for the tasks they perform. When we advocate women’s rights and how there is a need to provide a safe environment for women to work we forget that men also deserve due recognition.

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We are strong advocates of protecting women’s rights and offering women equal opportunities as men get. There are always fewer seats/quotas for women to work in an institution. The representation must be equal.  But what we must not forget is that men should be judged on their performance and work just like women. Gender bias against men or women is detrimental to institutions as well as society as a whole.

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