Benefits Of Desi Ghee-By Najam Mazari

Desi ghee has multiple benefits. We have been using desi ghee for centuries. This is a common thing in our villages. But with time, this tradition also came to an end as people started making artificial substitutes in the name of convenience and lower cost, depriving us of nutrition. As a result, artificial vegetable ghee is used in almost every household, replacing organic desi ghee.

Desi Ghee is made with cow’s milk and it was usually churned at home by heating white butter. It smells and tastes different but no less than butter. The sweet and nutty flavor is not as assertive as other oils. The benefits of pure desi ghee are numerous.

Medical Benefits of Using Desi Ghee

Best for physical energy:

Ghee is a good source of body energy, the fatty acids in it help in maintaining body energy.

Prevents constipation:

Ghee can be helpful if you are suffering from constipation. Drink one or two teaspoons of ghee mixed with warm milk before going to bed which helps in relieving constipation.

Get Rid of Belly fat:

Desi ghee is rich in important amino acids which help in shrinking fat and fat cells, so if you think that the body is accumulating fat very fast then adding desi ghee can be helpful. It also contains linolenic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid, which helps in weight loss. Omega 6 fatty acids also help to reduce the amount of fat, which helps to get rid of bloating. Desi ghee also contains omega 3 fatty
acids, which help for reducing stretch marks and dissolve fat.

Rich in vitamins:

If you are accustomed to using desi ghee then you do not need to take vitamin supplements because one tablespoon of ghee contains vitamin A (essential for improving bones, skin, and immune system), and vitamin D (helps absorb calcium). Vitamin E (good for eyes and brain) and Vitamin (Helps to keep blood thinner), are the vitamins that the body needs.

Best for the stomach:

Ghee contains fatty acids which reduce esophageal inflammation and improve digestion.

Cancer protection:

A component called coagulated linoleic acid fights a variety of cancers, including weight loss and blood pressure, but scientists say more research is needed, but it is clear that the natural ingredient in ghee, Plenty happens.

Smoothes the skin:

Ghee can also be applied to the affected area as a natural remedy for burns or swelling, etc., as it can reduce the swelling.

Useful for joint pain:

Ghee is also effective for strengthening muscles as well as for people suffering from bone and joint pain.

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Why should we use ghee daily?

If you get a lot of sleep after lunch or if you feel tired then using ghee makes it easier to stay alert. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, make sure to use 2 to 3 tablespoons of desi ghee for dinner. It will relieve insomnia and will also relieve constipation.

Useful for eyes:

Vitamin A is very important for the eyes and it is found in large quantities in desi ghee, which is beneficial for our eyes. Most of us spend most of our time working on a computer or mobile. Due to this our lacrimal glands where tears are formed, stop working properly. That is why diseases like obstruction, dryness, and irritation in the eyes begin to develop. If you have any of these problems then you must use desi ghee in your diet. The vitamin found in desi ghee is more effective than carrots. This is because the vitamins in desi ghee come in two forms, one of which is Ester and the other is Catroten. So when you eat desi ghee, not only does it give your body a lot of vitamin A, but it also absorbs it well.

Improves  the cardiovascular system:

Because desi ghee contains SCFA and butyric acid. So if you use desi ghee, desi ghee flushes out the fat stored in your body and blood vessels. I can get rid of obesity if I take desi ghee and this is the basic principle of the ketogenic diet. Another major benefit of this is that it increases the elasticity of your veins and arteries, so desi ghee is very useful for those who have heart disease in their family. In addition, desi ghee contains a good amount of antioxidant conjugated linoleic acid and fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, it is considered a very useful food for height growth.

The role of glycemic index in desi ghee:

The glycemic index is the value of any food atom, which helps us to understand that this food will raise the blood sugar level in our blood rapidly. And that is why desi ghee is very beneficial for people who are diabetic. It also protects you from stomach ulcers.

We highly recommend adding a moderate amount of desi ghee to your daily diet, to maintain overall health and fitness!

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