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Yasser Dar - with Sunday

A diva that knows all the right angles, Yasser Dar is a name that’s making waves for his good looks, bold fashion statements, and unique style. He’s dominated the world of modelling, moving on to fashion and styling now (you can even find him on TikTok); there’s nothing this man can’t do. In conversation with Sunday Times, this diverse personality spills all the tea about his personal and professional life and answers everything you’d want to know about him. 

Fashion Stylist

Fashion is becoming incredibly exciting in Pakistan – it feels like there aren’t any rules anymore- what are your thoughts on this?

Yasser: Of course, this is the age of versatility and diversity. There’s a place for everything and everyone to break out of their moulds. There is no specific pattern or trend to follow, which allows people to experiment and express different visions – I love it!

Which celebrity do you love to style? 

Yasser: I’ve realized that being friends with your colleagues makes it more fun to style them since it doesn’t feel like work. Even though I enjoy working with all celebrities, I’d say Hania Amir and Maya Ali are among a few favourites. When it comes to males, I think Bilal Ashraf and Sheharyar Munawar. 

bold fashion statementsWe’re living in the age of self-made Instagram personalities, equipped with recording and shooting for themselves. What is it like to be working with this new group of photographers for whom Instagram has been such a presence in their lives? 

Yasser: These days, all that matters is social media. Print media is almost dead (no offence), but Instagram is all the rage lately – it’s got a better audience, viewership, and easier reach. Especially ever since Covid, many people started working from home; I started shooting content at home where I did everything myself. From being the stylist, model, makeup artist, photographer, videographer, I mean I did everything, and Instagram played a significant role in putting my work out there. Since I’ve experienced doing all this stuff myself, it’s given me the ability to expand my skills, which is why I love working with people who have been through something similar – it adds more quality to work. 

How has fashion evolved since you started your career in the industry? 

Yasser: When I started working as a freelance stylist, Haiyya Bukhari was working, Mehek Saeed joined Grazia magazine, and Zainab Malik was working commercially. Back then, bringing a stylist onboard was a waste of money; most people only hired stylists if their competitors were doing so. To make a place in this industry, I had to bring something to the table that got me acknowledgement as an individual. I’ve seen fashion evolving during this time, with many brilliant designers emerging who aren’t scared to take risks. Because of these new entries, other brands wanted to up their game, leading to more mainstream stylists. I think healthy competition is the root of growth. 

fashion model

What is your favourite colour? 

Yasser: Honestly, it changes from season to season, but lately, I’ve been loving all things orange. 

What is more important to you – being a model or a stylist? 

Yasser: Someone once told me that you should always work to the fullest potential. If you can multitask, do it, don’t think twice. I’ve been working as a model and stylist for a while now, and I think it’s the best combination. I get to style myself for commercial and editorial projects and charge double the price for my 2-in-1 service. 

What does fashion fusion mean to you? 

Yasser: I live for fusion. I have always loved mixing different clothing pieces and fabrics, regardless of their style. I think one can make some iconic looks by merging different textures. But, it has to be done right; otherwise, it can turn into a disaster. 

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As a stylist, how do you balance between trendsetting and trend-following? 

Yasser: I think a great responsibility lies on my shoulders as a stylist. While we follow trends internationally, the challenge is to take an international trend and translate it into something local. Since our everyday clothing and designer wear is different, I try to take inspiration from global trends in terms of makeup, jewellery, colour palettes, or hair and incorporate it into my shoots so that the audience can understand and visualize them in their vocabulary. 

Yasser DarHow have photographers changed their aesthetics since you started working as both stylist and model? 

Yasser: If you don’t adapt with time, you’ll be left behind. Evolution is integral to keeping you in the race, so I appreciate photographers than can take constructive criticism. There is always room to learn and improve. Photography is not the same as it used to be; things have changed in terms of lighting, retouching, and angles. The ones who have understood these elements are leading the fashion industry right now. Many young and passionate individuals have emerged, bringing a touch of modernity to their work, creating healthy competition in the market. 


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