Every August, our Pakistani Pride takes over as we get into the spirit of celebrating Independence Day. Likewise, every year there is a campaign that catches our attention and steals our hearts with its ode to a better and brighter nation. For 2021 – it’s Khaadi’s new single “Badal De Jahaan” (featuring singers Hasan Raheem and Risham Faiz Bhutta) that has won us over. This uplifting and upbeat anthem has got us feeling the beat!

Hasan and Risham are two promising young musicians of Pakistan, and their spirited energy brings together this catchy tune. The idea of this Independence Day was to create something which strikes a chord with the youth of the nation and reflects what they envision for the future of their country. Who better to represent the future than two artists paving the way to becoming future icons. The youth of today are much more aware of the change that is required as a whole, starting from individual thinking to the socio-economic changes we need to adopt. Unlike previous generations, they have great aspirations and even greater drive, which became the perfect affinity for a brand like Khaadi to develop a resonance with this target group. This is how a very revolutionary flavor was formed for this campaign.

“Sapnay Humaray
Meray Tumharay
Pooray Hongay Saaray Hai Mujh Ko Yakeen”

Khaadi’s goal was to create something for the people, by the people – hence the main idea of the song, which brings a hope for change, was a collection of ideas and aspirations that come directly from social media audiences. Every individual had a very optimistic view towards the future of Pakistan, and their culmination of answers gave Khaadi the backbone behind the lyrics. The song was written after being inspired by these answers, which included messages around positivity, education and overall a more clean and just society.

Everything about the anthem comes together – from the positive message that shines through the lyrics to the vibrant colors on set and a tune that gets you wanting to dance it out. For us, the visuals had us captivated because Khaadi is all about color!

When you think of Khaadi, you think of color as part of their DNA, which is represented through the bursting color wheelsets in this film.

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Like different color threads that weave together to form the perfect garment, the message of “Badal De Jahaan” is that of our nation coming together to make Pakistan better, brighter and more beautiful. This anthem ignites a feeling of optimism and ownership and is definitely on top of our current playlist!

“Jo Mill Kay Hum Chalaingay Phool Naye Khilaingay
Koi Bhi Mushkil Aaye Ab Na Hum Rukaingay”

Have you checked out the entire music video? Click Here to see for yourself and dance it out.

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