Nauman Ijaz Facing Backlash For Asking Sexist Questions


Another controversy regarding Pakistani celebrities is again surfacing on the internet. Nauman Ijaz is currently under the radar of netizens. He is being criticized for asking his guest celebrity Ayesha Omer, sexist questions on his show “G Sarkar with Nauman Ijaz.” The audience is not happy with the actor asking Ayesha Omer why she decided to open up about her sexual harassment incident. Nauman Ijaz said that it is not necessary to speak up about your past experiences only because others are doing so. He was referring to the “#Me Too” movement.

What started as a normal, candid interview turned into a critical one as Nauman Ijaz kept on asking intrusive questions from Ayesha Omer. He started by asking her if she does bold photoshoots to create a controversy. He asked if this is all a publicity stunt? Later on, he started to bring up her previous statements regarding sexual harassment which made Ayesha Omer a bit uncomfortable but the diva never shies away from speaking her mind out.

“I try to bring the truth to the forefront and be authentic,” Ayesha responded to Nauman’s question. Ayesha Omer tries her best to explain her point of view regarding sexual harassment but the host seems rather insensitive regarding the issue.

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