The Phenomenal Ramadan Dramas That We Will Make You Glued To Your TV Screens!

Ramzan Dramas

Ramadan is a month of fasting, worshiping, and spending the day in the remembrance of Allah. Along with this, there is a need for entertainment that is fulfilled well by the fun Ramadan dramas! Every year, our talented directors bring forward a range of dramas that make us glued to our TV screens. These Ramadan dramas not only provide the daily dose of fun and energy but are also a perfect moment for the family to gather and watch.

Chaudhary and Sons

One of the Ramadan dramas that we look forward to this month is Chaudhary and Sons starring the gorgeous Ayeza Khan and the very talented Imran Ashraf. This drama airs on Geo TV for the month of Ramadan providing us with the entertainment that we require! The right amount of humor makes it one of our favorite. Along with an intriguing storyline, the addition of humor provides us with the perfect drama that is light enough to watch! Moreover, it is also to be noted that these Ramadan dramas are family dramas. Therefore, sit together with your family and avail the daily dose of entertainment that our amazing actors have to provide. Ayeza Khan is our absolute favorite who stars in the drama as ‘Pari‘ and Imran Ashraf takes the screen as ‘Billu‘. As fun as their names seem, we are very excited about how the drama turns out to be!


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Hum Tum

Another drama that we look forward to watch this Ramadan is Hum Tum. This Ramadan drama airs on HUM TV and comes with a star cast consisting of Sarah Khan, Ahad Raza Mir, Ramsha Khan and Junaid Khan. Starring all our favorite actors and actresses, this drama is definitely going to be great! Sarah Khan takes our screens as Maha Qutubudin playing the role of a yoga instructor. With her jolly personality, we are absolutely excited to see Sarah in yet another fun role! Ahad Raza Mir comes forward as Adam Sultan playing the role of an obedient, grumpy child who is easily irritated. We have always seen Ahad play serious roles so this one is definitely going to be a lot of fun.

The talented Junaid Khan is not to be missed who takes our screens as Sarmad Sultan aka the bachelor bawarchi! Other than this, Ramsha Khan as Sitara is what we are waiting to watch. The characters and their basic introduction that we have received already makes us a fan of the drama!


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Paristan starring Merub Ali and Junaid Jamshed is another Ramadan drama that we anxiously look forward to this month! The drama also airs on Hum TV. As cute as both the leading actors look, we have similar hopes attached to the drama as well. Merub as ‘Ujala’ and Junaid as ‘Babar’ is all set to impress us with their stellar performances. Since there is little to watch in Ramadan, these Ramadan dramas are the perfect entertainment after iftar. With the clips and glimpses that we have received regarding the characters and the storyline, there is no doubt that we are intrigued!

Along with Merub and Junaid, we’re all set to watch the Suno Chanda duo return to our screens! Paristan also stars Aymen Saleem and Arslan Naseer that were seen in Suno Chanda last year. The chemistry of the power couple had made us addicted to the drama and we can’t wait to experience the same this year. We definitely look forward to the fun drama to give ourselves a good laugh. With all of our favorite actors on our favorite channels, we can’t wait to be addicted to these Ramadan dramas as they only last for a month!


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