What Makes Sanam Saeed Admire Mohib Mirza So Much? The Rumoured Couple Is The Talk Of The Town!

Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza have been under the spotlight for a while now promoting their film, ‘Ishrat Made in China.’ We are absolutely loving the chemistry the two share among themselves. With lots of rumours and speculations about the couple, we are even more intrigued to know about them!

At a recent interview of Sanam and Mohib, the former was asked what made her fall for the handsome Mohib? There is always something in the opposite gender that attracts and make us head over heels in love with them! For Sanam, it was consideration and respect that made her fall for the talented actor. She also added that she likes men of great height. (After all, who doesn’t?) Another reason for her falling for Mohib is his great height which attracted her.

The chemistry shared by the two is an absolute treat to watch. The duo that we saw in ‘Cake’ returns to our screens with their new thriller, ‘Ishrat Made in China.’ The heated couple gives us a new reason every time to see them on the screens.

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