‘Aik To Tum Aurtain’ — A Tale To Honor Homemakers


Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the economies worldwide have faced a regression. Almost all the offices and companies reiterated to work from home and online sessions have replaced the actual classrooms as all the schools all around the globe have closed down.

Nadeem Baig’s production ‘Aik To Tum Aurtain’ is a story built around the same lines. The short film stars Usman Mukhtar and Madiha Imam in lead roles. The Pakistani short film’s title, ‘Aik To Tum Aurtain’ rightfully describes how women are usually underestimated in our society. Nadeem Baig’s projects are known for creating good content with an impactful message behind the story. The production is a tribute to women who are the saviors and homemakers but are merely appreciated or acknowledged for their efforts.

aik to tum aurtain


The story revolves around a small humble family which is facing a financial crunch because of Covid. The husband is shown frustrated and gets agitated on small things as he is working from home and is not getting his due salary. The film highlights how without the women in our house we wouldn’t have survived the lockdown. Usman Mukhtar has performed exceptionally well portraying the social stigmas of how men treat women when they face any inconvenience. The film depicts how women are misjudged and this starts with their own homes.

aik to tum aurtain

Madiha Imam too has done justice with her role. She is a supportive wife, who is the shoulder for her husband to cry on and also knows how to carry her share of the load. Paying bills is not just a man’s job, a woman is capable of doing both the household chores as well as supporting her husband financially. You don’t have to be a doctor or work at a big company to support your husband, you can always be like Zeba. You will not only be playing your part but also garner respect from your better half!

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The 12-minute short film has such a strong message to portray and is definitely worth watching!

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