First Look At Ishrat Made In China’s New Poster Ahead Of 3rd March Release

A week before Ishrat Made in China hits cinemas, we’re getting to witness the newly released poster for the movie. Mohib Mirza, the director, has been pumping up the crowd since December last year with updates on the movie. From the promising teaser to the snippets we’ve been watching, the movie is one action-packed romance comedy!

What We Can Tell About The Movie

Based on Mohib’s satirical TV series, Ishrat Baji, from 2006, the movie is further extending the plotline of the characters. We’re seeing a star-studded cast on screen, from Mohib Mirza himself to Sanam Saeed, HSY, Sara Loren, and Ali Kazmi.

So far, there are bright colors, desi vibes, and energy-packed dance sequences, with the evergreen Sanam Saeed rocking her best moves. The movie is tapping into high-energy sequences and dramatic action scenes that will keep us entertained this summer.


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The Colorfully Magical Poster

Mohib Mirza shared a first look at the poster on his Instagram. He also announced that the catchy song, TickTalk, was now available to enjoy by the public. We’re seeing Sanam Saeed in the avatar of Akhtar, a girl filled with energy, rocking nostalgic desi silhouettes, and bright colors. swaying away to the tune of the song.


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The poster goes perfectly in line with the teaser and the song we’ve seen till now. From the vibrant set designs and talented cast, including Mohib Mirza playing Ishrat, we’re seeing loads of Pakistani culture. Sanam’s outfit is screaming your average girl next door, who’s going to swoon over the protagonist, Ishrat.

The movie set in Karachi and China, draws inspiration from their film locations, with subtle touches of the landmarks pictured in the poster. Without anything being in your face, there are Easter eggs left for the audience in the poster, that will unravel as you watch the movie.

We can’t help but notice the stacks of cash Akhtar is airing in her hand, could this be a possible angle in the movie? Is she going to break Ishrat’s heart and con him out of his cash?

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We’re excited to find out how the plotline unfolds. Especially, Ishrat’s role, as we’re seeing him in a colorfully eccentric outfit, hinting towards a vivacious and colorful personality. The poster perfectly encapsulates the feel of his character, with his bold and bright attire – he’s your regular boy-next-door with big dreams!

Judging from the poster, we’re getting hints towards a boy meets girl, boy falls for girl plotline. But the plot thickens, as we get action sequences from the teaser and a web of drama and lies; things won’t be as simple as a basic love story!

Free up your day on March 3rd, and gear up to support our local talent with this stellar movie gracing our screens after almost three years of delay.

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