11 Of The Craziest Revelations Made by Aamir Liaquat and New Bride Dania

Controversy and Aamir Liaquat go hand in hand. Someone who gained fame through his Ramadan transmission, Aalim Online, slowly ventured to gain popularity through political scandal, rude behavior, and bizarre acts.

From the leaked BTS footage of his transmissions, where he’s seen using profane language to recreating a girl’s suicide on his show, Inam Ghar – this self-proclaimed religious scholar turned serial husband is in the limelight once again.

Suppose you thought his tumultuous relationship with his second wife, Syeda Tuba Aamir, was a roller coaster of emotions filled with deceit and a cryptic video of the poor girl crying over her pet cat. In that case, you’re in for a ride! Amir Liaquat and his latest and youngest wife went public just one day ago, and social media is already going berserk!

Here are a few of the craziest things we know about the couple so far, well crazy in normal people dictionary.

Syeda Dania Dubbed the Child Bride

For starters, Syeda Dania Aamir is only 18 years old! While, by definition, she wouldn’t be considered a minor anymore, it’s wild to see a man marrying a girl just one year older than his daughter. The power dynamics are off in this equation, and we’re sensing hints of grooming behavior.

Movement for Multiple Marriages

It’s no surprise that Aamir Liaquat is a passionate advocate for multiple marriages – clinging to religious references to back him up, eye roll! He’s adamant in spreading the word to the masses, marry far and marry multiple, with his latest bride hailing from Lodhran, South Punjab. His stance remains that marriage is a blessing, and the first wife should welcome the latest additions with open arms.

Amir Liaquat’s Love for Comparing Film And Reality

From the famous Ghalib movie dialogue to the recent example he gave of an Anil Kapoor movie (?), Aamir Liaquat is hell-bent on proving the legitimacy of his marriage to a girl born in 2003. He claimed that despite her young age, religion permits you to raise an orphan girl and marry her for protection later on, so why are people judging him for it?

Wedding Celebrations To be Continued

Consider yourself lucky if your eyes are safe from the viral video where Aamir Liaquat is seen sleeping next to Dania and creepily looking towards the camera. The ex-minister shared that his wife made the video shortly after their Nikkah in Lodhran, and the Valima is to be held soon. We do wonder who’ll be on the guestlist – possibly the ex-wives?

Mun-Dikhai Of Dreams

When asked about her mun-dikhai gift, Dania exclaimed that she had received a car from her loving husband. The poor girl didn’t even know which car she’d been gifted; maybe she got confused with her toy cars? Seems like Aamir Bhai was on a roll to impress the young girl before she realized what she was getting herself into!

Who’s The Fairest of Them All?

During their first appearance as a couple, when Aamir Liaquat was asked which one of his wives he favored greatly, he was quick to answer, Dania! He spoke about how she was an obedient girl whose love for him would only increase with her age aside from physical appearances.

He Didn’t Really Leave Any of His Wives

Whether it’s his first wife Bushra or next in line Tuba, Aamir Liaquat wasn’t in favor of leaving either of them. He remains steadfast in his belief that he’s been ordered via religion to marry, not abandon his wives, and each of the ladies decided to leave independently. He’s not even entered the court at all!

See Also

A Love Story Straight from Bachpan

Apparently, Dania said she fell in love with her husband ‘bachpan mein’. She mentioned that anytime she would cry as a kid, her mother would put on Aamir Liaquat’s show to soothe her wailing. Aamir chimed in to mention that his naat recitation in specific would appeal to Dania.

Remarrying Career Comes to A Potential End?

We give the man props for some self-awareness, as he mentioned that given his age, he thinks he’s going to halt any future marriages. He thinks he’s reached his ‘average age’ and doesn’t see himself with any more women other than the lovely Dania.

Destination Honeymoon

The newlyweds will be heading to Thailand for their honeymoon, which seems like a hot favorite for the TV host. He mentioned that it’d be his third time going there for his honeymoon! Despite the famous ‘Boom Boom massage’, he’s only drawn to the country for its Tom Yum soup.

Undying Love for King Khan

When it comes to the political future of Pakistan, Aamir Liaquat is a major fan of PM Imran Khan. He believes that Khan will form the upcoming government, too, although his wife differs in opinion. Speaking like a true First Lady, Dania said that she only sees her husband when it comes to Pakistan’s future. Oh boy, that’s a dark future!

If you want to catch the full version of the Nadir Ali Podcast featuring the couple, check out the video here.

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