Pakistani’s love food, and we’re huge food lovers of Pakistani cuisine here at Sunday! We’re always trying out new restaurants, cafes, and recipes to bring you the best of the best. Our collaborations with health experts and chefs will bring you amazing recipes that can be recreated at home. You’ll find recommendations for the best Pakistani cuisine, including fast-food restaurants to indulge yourself in. Our roundup of Pakistani restaurants that speak to our bellies and go easy on the pocket! You’ll be drooling over our curation of food pictures and videos that are too good to be true. Find the perfect restaurants in Pakistan for your next outing with friends or family. 

Top 10 Pakistani Restaurants for a Desi Fix

10 Pakistani Restaurants That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Digging Into Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana

Eating out is fun and games until you want desi food that isn’t homecooked and…
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How To Stay Cosy In This Chilly Weather With The Best Hot Chocolate Options In Lahore

Winter and hot chocolate are a combination that is irreplaceable. There is something so satisfying…
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editor's pick | sunday

8 Picks From The World Of Fashion, Food And Lifestyle Sunday Editors Are Hooked On

Want to know what Sunday Editors are currently hooked on these days? We’re gushing over…
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“Gaia” Japanese Fine-Dining Restaurant Opens in Islamabad Written by Humay Waseeem

Historically, Japanese restaurants have been a novelty in Islamabad, but in the past few years,…
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Our Fav New Japanese Food Joint – Saku Hana

Let’s address the talk of the town today – Saku Hana, the new Japanese style…
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Here’s What’s New at ETH

Every Lahori and Islooite knows of, loves and frequently visits English Tea House. They gave…
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Bakery delights by Chashni

After introducing mithai in the true traditional form representing our culture and heritage, Pakistan’s Favourite…
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Chika-chimes it’s Arrival in F-10

Despite being part of society where homemade and woman-made food is craved for, we have…
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DHA Lahore has a new favourite Pakistani restaurant: Spice Bazaar

If you live in Lahore, love amazing Pakistani food in a setting never experienced before…
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Here’s Why Cafe Aylanto (DHA) Will Always Be One of the Best Restaurants in Lahore

Dining out during the pandemic was unimaginable for us for the longest time. But with…
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11 Habits That Wreck a Healthy Eating Plan

Forget about the fad diets – those are bad and we all know it. But…
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Super Easy & Delicious Thai Fried Rice Recipe by Our New Fav. Blog @bhindifries

The hot new blog on Instagram has us hooked with special guest recipes (they also…
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