Pakistani’s love food, and we’re huge food lovers of Pakistani cuisine here at Sunday! We’re always trying out new restaurants, cafes, and recipes to bring you the best of the best. Our collaborations with health experts and chefs will bring you amazing recipes that can be recreated at home. You’ll find recommendations for the best Pakistani cuisine, including fast-food restaurants to indulge yourself in. Our roundup of Pakistani restaurants that speak to our bellies and go easy on the pocket! You’ll be drooling over our curation of food pictures and videos that are too good to be true. Find the perfect restaurants in Pakistan for your next outing with friends or family. 

Best Iftar Deals In Karachi This Ramadan!

Ramadan is a month of blessings, empathy, and delicious food. If you are bored of…
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Iftaar Recipe

Fry, Bake and Blend: A Guide For Easy To Cook Iftar Recipes

Thinking of and sorting out the Iftar menu daily during the day while fasting can…
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DIY Detox Water Drinks

DIY Detox Water Drinks To Cleanse The Body That Cannot Be Missed This Summer!

Detox water has always been hyped especially when it comes to ‘diet’ and ‘cleansing‘ the…
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Here’s Why You Need To IMMEDIATELY STOP Eating Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs

Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs are one of the most common snacks for kids because of…
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Include Dates in Your Diet, This Ramadan for Weight loss!

Dates are one of the most essential picks during the fasting month of Ramadan in…
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A Lahori Guide To Satisfy Your Desi Food Cravings

Lahore is the cultural hub of Pakistan. The city has seen various civilizations that have…
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Self-Taught Chef

All You Need To Know About Murrad Gillani And His Vibrant World of Food

Murrad Gillani and his venture ‘Dezato’ have become the talk of the town in the…
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8 Females Run Food Businesses That Are Upping the Game in Lahore

Women are claiming their spot in the world; from mothers to doctors, engineers, pilots, and…
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Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Lead The Happiest, Strongest Lifestyle

Breakfast literally means to break the fast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the…
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9 healthy recipes to create flavorful meals

Satisfying Chatpati Cravings with These 9 Flavorful Recipes to Create Healthy Meals

Every now and then, one thinks of dieting or shifting towards healthy recipes. There is…
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National Dish Of Pakistan

National Dish Of Pakistan | Getting It Right This Time!

Pakistani cuisine is definitely one of the best cuisines in the world and there is…
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Top 9 Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore!

Top 9 Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore! | Satisfy Your Fast Food Cravings with A Hit

No matter how much you control, fast food brings out the addict in you! The…
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