Day To Play: 7 Foolproof Hairstyles to Last You from AM to PM

7 Foolproof Hairstyles

Hair is an integral part of your complete look – it can make or break any outfit. Often, you’re on the go, and it gets tough to keep redoing your hair as you rush from errand runs to a fancy dinner. Luckily for you, we saw a massive shift towards easy-to-do and messy hairstyles the past year, which you can quickly put together for any event.

Sunday Times brings you the fastest and most elegant hairstyles that you can rock going into the new year!

Business Casual


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At Sunday Times, we’re huge lovers of the efficient bun. It’s such a versatile hairdo that can be transformed in many ways. You can either use a fine-tooth comb and hair gel to push all your hair back or keep things loose and fluffy by pulling out your front pieces. Whether it’s the high or low bun, it looks great on everyone!

Rapunzel Braid


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After the standard oiling session, we all remember our grandmothers tightly tying our hair in a braid. Some classics made a comeback in 2021, among which we’re seeing the nostalgic single braid tied with a tight ponytail. From weddings to work, this hairstyle can work anytime.

Beachy Waves


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Hair trends 2022 hint towards continuing the tradition of bouncy, messy, big waves. They’re great to frame your face and work well with any makeup look and outfit. Even if you’re having a bad hair day, spray some dry shampoo, create a few loose curls, and you’re good to go!


Dreamy Ponytail

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It can get tiring to constantly run to the salon anytime you want a fancy hairdo. For all our lazy girls, we present you with this super easy and gorgeous ponytail that will make you look like a princess at any event. This hairstyle works well for the summer months – it keeps your hair in check!


Heatless Curls

A trend that started from TikTok, heatless curls have taken the internet by storm. People love how easy the hairstyle is since all you need to do is sleep! No heat, no effort, and no pain; these curls turn out differently each time, giving you a new look without damaging your hair.

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Half Up, Half Down

@melisekrem Bella Hadid inspired Hair 🌹 @babybella777 #bellahadid #bellahadidhair #hairtutorial #halfuphalfdown #fyp ♬ Fantasy – Mariah Carey

Bella Hadid is the pioneer of starting this half-up half-down hairdo, which works well on clean or greasy hair. It looks like you made an effort without actually taking a lot of your time. With everything tightly in place, the hairstyle won’t budge as you transition from day to night.

Mini Braids



This is another quick and easy hairstyle, a fun play on the regular braid. You can either make mini braids along with the front parts of your hair as you let it loose or tie up the rest and let the front braids do all the talking. We definitely see this trend picking up soon!




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