9 Breathtaking Holiday Destinations That Will Make You Pack Your Bags Immediately!

9 Breathtaking Holiday Destinations That Will Make You Pack Your Bags Immediately!

Summer vacation calls for trips and adventures. 2020 and 2021 have been challenging for all of us but the holiday destinations welcome us with open arms in 2022! Throughout the year, every individual of the family is occupied. Some have their work commitments while others get busy with the school and college schedule. This is the only time to reward yourself with an adventurous trip to a place that you have been longing to go. Before you plan a trip, have a look at the top picturesque holiday destinations that will make you pack your bags immediately!


Starting from our very own country, there are numerous breathtaking holiday spots to visit that will leave us in complete awe! While planning a holiday in the summer holidays, we always think of abroad. It is a dream to visit beautiful places around the world however, we fail to realize the beauty of Pakistan itself. From wild mountain passes and ancient fortresses to picturesque lakes and unreal valleys, Pakistan comprises some of the most spectacular places in the world. Some of the popular as well as breathtaking places to visit in Pakistan include the Swat Valley, Hunza Valley, Passu Cones, Attabad Lake, Kalash Valleys, Deosai plains, and Gorakh Hills. The list is even long as Pakistan is a beautiful country. The picturesque spots make you stop at every corner to take a picture. It is definitely one of the best destinations for the summer holiday.


Cappadocia is a spectacular city located in Turkey. It is also known as the land of hot air balloons as the sky is studded with balloons. A hot air balloon is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Cappadocia. The place is known for the beautiful rock formations along with some of the oldest caves located here. These caves have Islamic inscriptions as well. The underground cities and caves continue to impress the tourists. Some of the places to visit in Cappadocia include Pigeon Valley and Pasabag. Cappadocia remains one of the most popular travel destinations for summer vacation. It is the ideal place to visit with your partner or family.


Marrakech in Morocco is one of the peaceful holiday destinations to visit. It allows you to enjoy nature to the fullest without any noisy crowds. The unique mix of cultural diversity in the city makes it the best holiday spot to visit in summer vacation for all kinds of travelers. The unique and enchanting history that the city comprises makes the trip a memorable one. Some of the prominent places to visit here include Bahia Palace, wandering around Jama El Fna and Koutoubia. Camel rides in the desert are also among the exciting things to do at Marrakech. P.S Don’t forget your sunscreen when you step out because you will be soaking a lot of suns here.

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New Zealand

If you are a fan of scenic spots, then this is the ideal place for you to visit in the next summer holiday. The majestic landscapes make it the best place to go and embrace nature. For all the adventure seekers and nature lovers, New Zealand is the best holiday destination. Queenstown, Auckland, and Wellington are some of the popular places to visit here.


Colorado in the United States is definitely like Paradise on Earth worth visiting with your close ones. The temperature here is moderate which allows you to enjoy some of the most exciting activities. Hiking, fly fishing, and mountain biking are the best things to do here. The scenic spots make the place too beautiful to be true! Along with this, some of the places that can be visited here include Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Springs, and Aspen.


Koh Samui

For all the beach lovers, Koh Samui is the perfect holiday destination for summer vacation. It allows you to have a luxury holiday experience with your family or friends. The place will make your summer holiday adventurous and a memorable one. Party all night at the beach and dance the night away with your close ones. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea kayaking are the prominent things to do here! Don’t miss out on a beach party and head over to Thailand this summer season.

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Marseille in France is a spectacular port city that is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. The rich cultural heritage, unique ancient spots, and pleasant climate make it the ideal place to go on a summer holiday. Palais Long champ, Marseille Cathedral, and Notre-Dame de la Garde are the prominent places to visit here. Also, the most ideal time to visit the magical city is from June to August. From caving and hiking at Calanque de Morgiou to Kayaking in the Old port, there is so much to do here in Marseille.

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Another travel gem that attracts all the honeymooners is Mauritius. The breathtaking beaches and coral reefs make it one of the most beautiful spots for summer vacation. It is primarily famous among honeymooners but is the same for all travelers as no one would like to miss such a scenic place. The crystal clear beaches and reefs are the best things about Mauritius. Some of the most adventurous activities here include undersea walking, hiking, and snorkeling. These adventures will make your trip memorable and make you come here again!


Another ideal place for honeymooners to have their best time during summer vacation in Bali. The culture-rich place and picturesque islands make it one of the best travel destinations. Bali is famous for its nightlife, the shows, and the delicious food that make your experience worth a while. Tanah lot temple, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Mount Batur are famous places to visit here. Wildlife safari and watersports are also among the exciting adventures to perform here. It is not the ideal place to visit for honeymooners only but can also be visited with family to explore the unique spots that exist here. P.S be careful of the stray animals.

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