Benefits Of Adding Eggs To Your Daily Diet


When it comes to adding nutritious value to your daily diet, eggs play a very significant role in it. Eggs provide a valuable source of quality protein, it also contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals, alongside necessary omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Not only do they offer culinary variety, but they are also a source of protein, calcium, and several vitamins and nutrients. There are several ways to make an egg to add variety to your daily menu. You can cook hard-boiled eggs, omelets, deviled eggs, sunny side up, poached, and scrambled.

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Can We Eat Eggs every day?

There is a misconception that eating eggs every day is unhealthy, however, the truth is that you can eat eggs every day in moderation. Remember, the method of cooking them is crucial as well. Boiled, poached, and baked are the ideal ways to cook them. An omelet or scrambled egg is okay as well, but remember to go easy on the butter and cheese, or you defeat the purpose of the healthy egg.

Nutrient Value

Eggs are a perfect source of nutrition. They are packed with essential minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Eggs contain Vitamins A, B5, B12, and B2 which add to your daily recommended requirement. Selenium is a cancer-fighting antioxidant, phosphorus aids in healthy bones and teeth. It also contains calcium which helps your bones stay strong, zinc helps your immune system. Omega-3 enriched eggs have even more healthy fat and Vitamins A and E. Eggs contain vitamin A, which is essential for good eyesight.

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Good Cholesterol

Yes, eggs contain high cholesterol but it’s the good cholesterol (HDL) that reigns. To clear up the cholesterol conundrum, your liver produces cholesterol every day, but when you eat more of it, the liver simply produces less. So, it maintains the balance.

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Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Harvard University conducted research and it cited that eggs can lower the risk of breast cancer. Previously, it was most beneficial when eggs were consumed in adolescence. However, a later study showed that women consuming at least six eggs every week had a 44% reduction in the risk of breast cancer than women who ate fewer eggs. The choline in eggs is also a protectant against breast cancer risk.

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