Mango Mania | 5 Refreshing And Versatile Ways To Enjoy Mangoes This Summer

The prince of pleasure, the king of fruits, the mighty mango has finally arrived. Bow to the royalty of the summer!

If there’s one thing we wait all year, it is for summer to bring sweet, juicy, pulpy mangoes.

Nothing quite like the taste of ripe sweet-scented mangoes, fleshy and delicious to the core as you scoop in mouthfuls with the tangy juice dripping down your hands.

The sweet summer-saviour and delicious delight makes for many different savoury treats and can be enjoyed in so many ways, in the season as well as later. But in the present, since they’re all ripe and ready, it’s best to enjoy mangoes fresh. So, unleash the mango-lover in you and try out these 5 ways to enjoy mango this summer!

Mango As Is

There’s nothing better than enjoying the season’s fresh produce as is. Scooping out chunks of mango pulp, sucking the mushy pulpy texture, licking the juice dripping down your hands, these are truly the most wholesome ways of enjoying a Mango. Taste the heaven, suck it or spoon it – your mango your choice, but do relish in the undiluted unadulterated pure taste of the mango fruit this season!

Sliced or diced mango can be enjoyed alone as well as be added to salads, icecreams, and other dishes for an infusion of a mango-oey flavour.

A Refreshing Drink

Beat the scorching heat with Mango juice! The all time summer favourite mango juice drinks are the perfect refreshment for the season.

To make yourself one, you might have to give your blender a spin in case you don’t have ready to mix syrups handy. Peel and cut mango, add it to the blender and give the pulp a churn. Add this to water and ice to make a glass of refreshing mango mocktail! Add some mint for a refreshing flavour.

Mango Popsicle

Bet a lot of us share this nostalgic sentiment, our favourite childhood memory is enjoying those mango ice creams and popsicles from the ice cream carts. Back then, there were only a few flavours and mango used to be everyone’s favourite.

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Make mango popsicles and ice lollies at home with a natural mango syrup to enjoy the richness of flavour and some childhood nostalgia. Just mix some mango syrups with water, pour it into the popsicle moulds and pop them into the freezer. Your iced lolly shall be ready in about an hour or so.

Mango Chutney

Enjoy a little in the season and preserve some for later by converting your mango into a chutney. Made with sweet ripe or sour green mangoes, the sweet to soury flavoured chutney is perfect accompaniment to meals, rotis and parathas, can be enjoyed as a side dish as well as starter and dip. It’s also easy to make at home, so why not DIY it this season and give your favourite mangoes a tasty spin!

Mango Chia Pudding

This dish is for all the health and fitness enthusiasts. Chia seeds are known to have many health benefits as they are rich in fibre and energy, which makes them the new superfood. When chia seeds are mixed with mango and dry fruits, it gives you a perfect meal which is light yet filling. It just takes 5 minutes to prepare this healthy dish. Take a jar and pour 1 cup of milk in it. Add chia seeds and maple syrup to it. Let it refrigerate overnight. Next morning, add some fresh chopped mangoes and that’s it, your mango chia pudding is ready to be savoured!

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