Leech: A Must-Watch Pakistani Crime Thriller of 2024

“Leech,” the latest cinematic masterpiece from Glamora Films, is a must-watch. It is produced by the Dua Group and released under the banner of prestigious HUM-YS Films. Leech stars the captivating duo of Mahsam and Naveed Raza. This crime thriller, which is scheduled for release globally on August 9, 2024, is aimed at redefining the genre in Pakistani film by fusing psychological intrigue, action, and mystery into an engaging story.

The film’s visionary: Mahsam Raza

From Fragrance to Film:

The journey of Mahsam Raza from a prosperous businessman to a well-known actor is very remarkable. Raza’s brand is now a registered trademark in the US. He is well-known for his groundbreaking work in the fragrance market with The DUA Brand, which he launched in 2016. His cinematic career is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering commitment to creating new ground.

Raza’s success story offers young Pakistani entrepreneurs hope. His ability to go from creating niche perfumes to landing the main part in a big-budget movie shows off his diverse skill set and unwavering determination. Raza continues to serve as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that anybody can triumph over hardships and reach success if they have vision and determination.

Leech: A Plunge into The Darkness


“Leech” delves into the eerie depths of human nature and is written by Tanveer Ahmad and directed by M. Shahzad Malik. The movie explores a wide range of topics, including power, greed, and the never-ending battle against the rules of nature. The protagonist of the story is an inspector named Israr, played by Naveed Raza, who is driven to unearth the dark secrets concealed in the shadows, and a formidable foe named Baloot, played by Mahsam Raza.

Trailer Breakdown:

The official trailer builds the tone featuring a moving discussion on the dynamics of power in society and draws attention to the crucial nature of rebellion as a means of resistance and a movement to bring about change. Viewers are taken on an exciting murder mystery journey throughout the story, one that is full of suspense, unsettling thrills, and dramatic action.

In the trailer, the antagonist Baloot is shown hatching evil schemes and going on a murder spree as the protagonist Inspector Israr tries to investigate this series of murderous events. The storyline brilliantly addresses issues of justice, corruption, and the conflict between good and evil. Every scene is meticulously executed to keep audiences intrigued and guessing, guaranteeing a remarkable cinematic experience.

Watch the chilling trailer here:

The Powerful Characters:

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Mahsam Raza As Baloot:

Mahsam Raza makes his acting debut as the film’s antagonist Baloot, which is a challenging role. The worst facets of human nature are personified in Baloot, a villain motivated to kill and having an unrelenting quest of power. Raza’s portrayal of Baloot is anticipated to be eerie and engrossing, demonstrating his versatility and depth as an artist.

Naveed Raza As Inspector Israr:

Inspector Israr, portrayed by seasoned actor Naveed Raza, stands in opposition to Baloot. Inspector Israr is an investigating officer who is committed to finding the truth behind the ominous events shown in the movie. The main conflict of the movie is his struggle with Baloot, which makes for an engaging and dramatic story.

Adeela Khan, Kinza Malik, Rashid Farooqi, Faisal Naqvi, and other notable actors are among the film’s stellar cast. With their dynamic performances, Naveed Raza and Mahsam Raza lead the cast and create an intense chemistry.

“Leech” is more than simply a movie; it’s a major turning point in the development of Pakistani filmmaking. It exemplifies the industry’s capacity to create top-notch content that appeals to a worldwide audience by pushing limits and embracing complicated narrative.

“Leech” is slated for release on August 9, 2024, globally. With its gripping story, outstanding acting, and excellent production, “Leech” is sure to go down in Pakistani cinematic history as a major work of art. Don’t miss this thrilling exploration of human nature’s darkest depths and the unwavering search for the truth.

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