Who Wore What At Hum Style Awards’24 | Statements And Missteps

hum style awards 2024

The Hum Style Awards 2024, held on May 11th, proved to be a spectacle of fashion, marked by daring statements, breathtaking ensembles, and, inevitably, a few missteps along the red carpet.

Best Dressed Celebrities

Among the evening’s best-dressed were Nausheen Shah and Hira Tareen, who opted for the timeless allure of all-black ensembles. Their long, elegant black dresses radiated sophistication, proving that simplicity can indeed be striking.


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Sarwat Gillani captivated onlookers with her modest yet mesmerizing all-white embellished saree. Her choice emphasized the enduring appeal of traditional attire, showcasing elegance in its purest form.


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Sadaf Kanwal showcased her own brand with understated elegance, donning a grey solid outfit that exuded refinement and poise.


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Mamya Shajaffar commanded attention in an embellished gold bodycon ensemble, epitomizing grace and glamour with every step she took.

Asim Azhar stole the spotlight in a striking green ensemble, showcasing his impeccable style at the Hum Style Awards. With confidence and flair, he proved that bold choices can elevate the fashion game.

Where Fashion Went Wrong!

However, amidst the fashion triumphs, there were also instances where style seemed to miss the mark.

Roma Michael’s lilac outfit, though by a new designer, appeared to be a replica of existing designs, compounded by the addition of a peculiar flared loofah-like prop.

Similarly, Alizeh Shah faced criticism for what appeared to be a direct imitation of a Schiaparelli outfit previously worn by Kylie Jenner. Such instances raise questions about originality and creativity in the fashion industry.

Aima Baig’s embellished midi dress also attracted negative attention, with many questioning the lack of innovation and style at the Hum Style Awards.

Fashion with a cause!

Despite these setbacks, some attendees used their fashion choices to make meaningful statements. Hania Amir’s keffiya-inspired pink suit and Bilal Saeed’s black suit with “Palestine” written on it served as powerful symbols of solidarity with Palestine, highlighting the potential of fashion to convey important messages beyond aesthetics.

Overall, the Hum Style Awards 2024 was a night filled with highs and lows, where fashion collided with creativity, originality, and occasional imitation. While some outfits soared with elegance and innovation, others faltered, reminding us that in the ever-evolving world of fashion, experimentation and individuality reign supreme.

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