Almirah X Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram X Almirah

One does not take a single day to become an ultimate legend. Success is not something you buy, but something you pay rent to every day. Joining pieces by piece curates a story unmatched. Every new endeavor presents a challenge, and those who successfully learn and grow from them are said
to as the real legends. Such is a legend of Wasim Akram. Legends can also be simply passed-down stories from one generation to the next or exaggerated accounts of historical events. They all share the same trait in that they help to shape the culture of the population and frequently teach lessons.

Wasim Akram is a name known to most of us. Whether it’d be a Pakistani or an international cricket fan, everyone knows the one true Sultan of Swings. Wasim’s bowling had a lot of unique characteristics. He had perfected the art of cleaning up the tail with his yorkers. His bowling
was distinctive in that, even when he bowled quickly, he maintained the same level of guile. He has
taken several hat tricks in cricket, which attests to his accuracy. It is the stories of the legends who played, lived, and became who they are among us. Now, these figures work with the legendary brands themselves, Almirah brings an outclass collection of Wasim Akram as never seen before.


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It showcases a story that no one ever heard of. A story of how through the hard shells of this life, you can also find your true identity and become a true legend. A very old saying goes, ‘Legends are not born, they are made, and truly so, one just cannot wake up one day and think the success has
been bought, because it never does. Work, strive, and play hard for finding the true legendary blood in you.

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Almirah’s Wasim Akram collection portrays a story of a legend who lives among us, struggled like any of us, and overcame those struggles through breakthrough performance. This collection hits close to home due to the story it tells—a story that many of us hold within ourselves, a book that is never seen but written.

In the history of fashion, it is a mere sight to see a powerful yet legendary personality go hand in hand to bring the campaign of a lifetime. A campaign that resonates with the heroes who we have seen play, grow, and shine! During these loving hours of the cricket season, Almirah makes sure to
tribute to the classics who made this experience 10 times worth it. Who outshined every other player and did their best to bring the cup home multiple times.

The new Wasim Akram collection is now live with Almirah – a truly legendary experience awaits you, so what are you waiting for?

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