Top 5 Interesting Activities to Revive Azadi Spirit In Kids!

14th august with kids

Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on the 14th of August every year. The auspicious day holds utmost significance in the hearts of adults as well as kids. Children are the future of the nation and must be taught about such occasions to revive patriotism and nationalism in kids. Here are 5 exciting activities to perform this Independence day to revive the Azadi spirit in kids.

Flag Hoisting

When Independence day of Pakistan nears, almost every home is seen hoisting a flag on the rooftops. One of the exciting activities is to make your child participate in the flag hoisting ceremony and to educate them about the importance of a country’s flag. Flag hoisting is done at schools and government organizations but performing one personally would uplift the child’s confidence and patriotism.

Painting Competition

Another interesting activity is to conduct painting and drawing competitions. The children must be instructed to think creatively and draw anything related to the country. This will enhance the creativity of the kids and will also allow the children to express their emotions about the country.


One of the activities that can be performed with kids is patriotic singing. The national anthem of a country holds great importance for the nation and every child must remember it by heart. Make children sing the national anthem along with other patriotic songs. It will not only be engaging for the kids but will also enhance their understanding. It will be more beneficial if the meaning of the songs is explained clearly to the kids.

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Independence Day Movies

There are numerous movies that reflect the incidents relating to Independence day and our religious leaders. Children must be engaged by watching those movies to instill the Azadi spirit in them. It will also allow them to understand the struggles faced by the freedom fighters to achieve what we have today. Some of the prominent movies to watch this Independence day include Jinnah (1998), Earth, Train to Pakistan and also, Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

Quiz Time

A quiz can be prepared according to the Independence day theme to test the knowledge of the kids about some of the important events. The questions can be arranged according to the difficulty level of the kids. It will not only be fun to play with but will also add to the knowledge and understanding of the children. The questions of the quiz can be about events of partition or important leaders.

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